Are the feet on a werner ladder unsafe?

[COLOR=Black]This guy thinks so…

Check it out, I found it a good reminder that we always utilize caution.[/COLOR]

You must be joking or an idiot. ladders, in and of themselves, are not safe.

why is this complete waste of time on this board?


The gentleman obviously doesn’t know how to safely ride a ladder down. (Hint: flap arms immediately prior to impact.)

Ladders are like any other tool,you have to respect them! Because no one likes the “fast way” down.

Personally…i feel sorry for the guy,and always preach safety to my guys because they know the dangers involved.

You’re calling me an idiot?

NO…I am sorry man. I was tired and almost asleep last night when i wrote that. Then, it was funny but this morning when i read it…it was not. I really meant no offense but it sure read that way. Please accept my apology. (last time i will post without coffee)

You are NOT an idiot.

I am not eve sure why I thought it was funny last night. I really am sorry Steve.

Thanks for the story Steve, I’ve added it too the blog!

Hey, no problem. I just wasn’t getting it. No worries though.