Are these basicly unger indoor pure water kit?

Looks like that’s exactly what those are. An indoor wfp is basically a microfiber pad attached to a holder attached to a pole. Or in other words it’s a floor mop. I’ve been using them to clean my hard wood floors for years. They’re just being marketed to window cleaners now with a small twist and large price hike.

Naa they are completely different materials.

Here is a comparison for you so you can see the pro version VS standard microfiber:

The reason Unger’s pro version works so well is the material.

I stand corrected. :wink:

isn’t that the stingray pad on the right? is that the same material as the luster pad?

The stingray pad is made of a high quality microfiber with a low profile. It is the same material as the Unger microfiber cleaning pad used with the speed clean kit. The biggest difference with the stingray is it wraps around the edges to give you a better cleaning on the edges and corners of the window. This microfiber material will hold lots of dirt and you can clean many windows before it needs to be changed.