So we are trying to hire someone and we’re trying to get a california state employer identification number because we need it to pay our unemployment taxes and work with ADP for payroll. the state says we need to hire someone and pay them first before we can get the number, and ADP says we need the number before we can hire.

I’m super frustrated because we litterally would have hired by now if it weren’t for the stupid state bureaucracy. Our state wants to be a utopian socialist state. that takes money, but they make it as hard and expensive as possible to hire and run a business.

sorry, vent over

I feel you on that… considering they call us the backbone of the country’s economy, you’d think they would make life a little easier on small business owners…

I wish I had a solution to your problem, but good luck any how!

Over the past several years, Texas has had a tremendous amount of business and startups transferring from Cali to Texas. Some of the horror stories they tell are interesting.

If don’t know how you guys make it there w/o losing your minds.

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Probably means someone in that office isn’t well versed on their job. A small business consultant might be a good avenue for assistance. And S.C.O.R.E. is free consultations. :slight_smile:

my business partner has been heading this up, he said he called like 6 different numbers and they all eventually led to the same voicemail who she took 4 days to return his call.

Socialist States may hopefully soon find out what bad decisions bring.


I don’t know who you’ve been talking to but you can get your CA employer ID online and it’s instantly generated. Skip to the step “registering with the EDD”

If you have a partner, you probably want to get a fed tax ID rather than using someone’s social security.

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we have a fed id, my partner said you can’t skip it online.

Heard plenty of odd stories from business owners in CA over the years.

I was told by 3 people I could do something online, nope 2 hours into the DOL.

Good luck