Aroma for window cleaning solution

I just came up with an idea of adding some sort of smell-changing liquid or something to the window cleaning solution.
It’s a fact that different WC solutions leave a scent (especially indoor), so why not mix a scent enhancer in? Would act like a special offer or something

Will it affect the process/result of window cleaning?

Good idea or a waste of money?

Like essential oils?

Yeah, let’s take them for example. Or diffuser oils perhaps

I think anything you add to your water will end up leaving a film or streaks. I don’t think it would be a very good upsell.

I agree with Jared.

And a lot of the people I clean for specifically say “I’m sensitive to fragrance, or I have allergies to many soaps”
So I purposely use unscented soap inside to cover them.

Maybe your idea would have better appreciation in certain settings though.

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You must be a new guy

I am. Just haven’t had much work since I started. But I guess I price way too high

Worry about leads, not random water smells. Put out 100 yard signs a week and then you won’t need to worry about being priced higher cause your less flow will be high.

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