As a window cleaner do you charge a tax for the service?

Im in Ohio and just took over my deceased father’s window cleaning business. I am not sure if i am supposed to charge a tax for the service or not? Anyone? Thanks

You need to check with your State. WA ST does not charge tax on window cleaning, but they may be changing that soon since they can’t control their own spending.

We do 6% Kentucky and 7% Indiana.

We have a tax on window cleaning services here. For the record, we “collect” tax not “charge” tax. Charging it means we get to keep it:D


sales tax on all commercial services here… residential has no state tax and same with pressure cleaning. Still pay federal though

I posted on another section for a guy in Ohio about this very question. Yes you collect it. But make sure you check with your state to be 100% sure. Who knows maybe that changed over the last two weeks.

Whats the word on that? I figure Olympia is nit picking through everything to tax on.

Last time I checked (could be wrong) Indiana doesn’t collect sales tax on window cleaning or janitorial service businesses.

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Yes, window service is a taxable service in Ohio. You will need to get a vendors license to allow you to collect the tax. Filing is done on line every 6 months unless you average more than $200.00 per month, then the state makes you file every month.

Where in Ohio are you? If I can be of any help let me know.

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I’ve heard nothing on our industry specifically, but the list of 4 things they are increasing taxes on one is small businesses which have been exempt in the past.

Who knows what they’ll do.

Cheers to you Josh

Sales tax is 7% in Indiana. However this is only for sold goods, not services. There is now service tax in Indiana.

that will vary by location. here in manitoba i have to charge the federal gst tax but not the provincial sales tax.
for the correct answer you should contact the tax offices concerned and acquire a written ruling.

Hey. What part of Ohio are you in?

Did you know in Washington apparently you are supposed to charge if it is post construction for a contractor just not general cleaning for customers.

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Florida is kind of weird in as much as you don’t collect tax on residential but you do on commercial and storefront.

Old thread, but…

KY just enacted a ‘service’ tax of 6% last fall. This includes window cleaning and pressure washing. I don’t think the legislators are aware of screen repair so we don’t have that listed as taxable.


This would be news to me, but I do not think we have done a new construction gig in a few years and am fine with that!

I called our L&I rep this week and asked a question about installing roof anchors and the answer I got is 100% incorrect. If I do not like the answer from the State I just keep calling and someone will say what I need them to.