Ask The Salesman Mid Rise!

Release 3 Episode 2 Mid Rise

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I’d like to be able to download and see it off line … if such thing still exists :smiley:

I like to backup stuff in a portable drive or burn a dvd every now and then.

That was the best video yet guys, tooo bad i do not do commercial

great info

You can actually download them all as quicktime files from this link.

If that link stops working you can go to google video and search in quotes from google video only: Window Cleaning Resource

All the nations and salesmans will be kept there… You can also download them there formatted for your ipod.

Good show - I could relate to a lot of stuff.
Why hasn’t Sean got Legs?

Oh I have legs Karl! I’m just not ready to release them unto the world! :eek:

How was it pulling your frist Mercedes account??? I have a Mercedes Dealership in a part of my expanding demograph that I came across today, “Yeah!!!”, and I want to hit that mother hard.

Landing the Mercedes account was a great feeling, mainly because of the way it went down. Being sent by another company, who wouldn’t be able to handle the job, and making such an impression on the facilities director that he completely went around the other guy and contacted me directly for a few smaller jobs was awesome. Although we haven’t been contracted for the entire job of the four large mid-rise buildings (which will be in the very high 5 figure range $$,$$$!!!) I made a great business contact that I feel will be very profitable to us from here on out.

On a side note about car dealerships, I have an appointment today for two large Honda dealerships. Hopefully all goes well!!

wish you well…keep me posted. PM how it went down.
I need some pointers on the Mercedes dealership thing.

Blowing my horn here - I do Ferrari & the Masserati dealerships here.
Everyone should do them - the jobs I get off these from clients coming in & out are awesome.

Shut Up…I hate you.

just playin…dude that awesome.
How did you score those over other WC’s?

I was cleaning (still clean) a second hand car showroom that got really well known after a while. It now stocks the new Bentley’s (2nd hand 400,000 euros LOL) & brings in the designer BMW’s & Mercedes that have custom fittings from Germany. Funnily enough all the car ownerships speak to each other (much like window cleaners!), every now & then they have clients that want certain shades of leather etc, they ring the other dealerships to see if they have any in & split the commission.
This led to them asking who does their windows - the rest is history. Its much like Sean said on the show, a lot of any particular group of people that have the same job in common, speak to each other every now & then. Most of my jobs are referrals, so it just keeps trippin’ from there.

nice, thanks…