Ask the Salesman

We are going to be a Video Interview with ACWC’s salesman in the coming weeks. This guys has literally signed to contract thousands of storefront / commercial accounts. Fire off here any questions you may want answered by a real expert.

Whats his favorite colour?

Only joking. It would be nice if we knew his set spiel: i.e. what does he say on the telephone, compared to what he would say face to face. How does he manage to get his foot in the door etc.

what is ACWC???LOL

I’d like to know what kind of “conversation stoppers” he uses. Such as when somebody says “We have a window cleaner.” How does he turn that around?

ACWC = All County Window Cleaning (you know, Chris and Alex!):

What are some common objections you were able to sell through?

Is it easier to you to sell to larger companies than to smaller ones?

Are you often asked if your company can also do services that your company does not offer. How do you respond? Do you investigate the possibility of attempting such request before declining?

Do you do any “customer research” before you approach some of the bigger contract prospects?

What are some good cold call lines you have used to get a foot in the door?

What do you think the most important part of LANDING these jobs is? being slightly firm/pushy? polished spiel? marketing material? clothes? general knowlege? and you can’t say: well all of them are important, i know that much lol

What clothes get the best results? suit & tie, dress shirt, acwc shirt.

i am excited for this show!!! will it be this week?

Its probably a couple weeks out Josh. I want to make this show a bit more polished than Nation. Nation is zero planning we just hop in front of the camera and talk.

Im hoping to compile a big list of questions first so the show is really good. The show will mostly be in nation style on a couch.

Or a fancy round table. Kinda like “That 70’s show” That may be cool

Are you gonna have adverts & do the “welcome back” routine? Is Larry gonna do the ads?
Did your salesman have previous wc experience or did you employ him just as a salesman? How long did it take him before his pricing was right?

Inspired by the topic, I have sold two ads at this point:

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How does he get through the gate-keepers (with larger commercial properties)?

Now you got me interested - what are you selling?

If I could swing this back to the serious for a moment…We are rapidly approaching the filming of this show. I think we are going to break the first filming into 3 different shows.

[B]Ask The Salesman:
[I]Residential Window Cleaning
Commercial Store Front
Rain Flow as a Ad On
I would like to go into this with as much material as possible, so if anyone has any questions … this is the time to ask.

How do you sell Rain Flow to a person who already has another form of gutter guards?

I’d like to know all about the incentives, money off deals etc. When to use them, when not to, do they work?
How much control over an employed salesman does any company have? Do you have meetings & what do you discuss? How often? Once a week/month?
Is progress only measured on work brought in or are there other factors?
How would you go about employing a sales person in the first place? Is it commission only or have you struck a percentage deal.
If I was actively looking for a sales person, what would your sales guy recommend. And what would the employer reccommend?

I’ve never looked at the salesman route. Its a case of trust, pricing right & payment options etc. I’d like to know all the ins & outs before hiring.

Karl stole my question.

Sorry Kevin - I was actually thinking about this when I posted the above: How the fact that you became the salesman (et al) & that Chris & Alex are behind the scenes running the show. I personally couldn’t think of a job I’d dislike as much as door to door sales. Its OK when the client rings you, but going to the client is probably a feeling of “I need the work”, especially in a one man outfit like mine. And yet is probably the most successful of all techniques. I know in the UK its one of the most dreaded parts of window cleaning hence the companys like “doorknockers” etc. & the fact that wc’s actually buy routes instead of going out & making their own.
I have a feeling that Chris & Alex spend more time on staff issues than anything else - which is probably worse than doorknocking!

So the next question is personal to Chris & Alex: When was the point that you said “Lets get a dedicated salesman in & not do it ourselves?” And what led you to that decision.

Do you think that a woman would pull in more money doing the selling than a man. And i know that he is an outside salesman but what kind of spiel would i use to cold call business out of the blue.