Asked to do a residential job. What do I do?

Okay well the title bar didn’t allow me to get into a lot of detail, so let me explain. I do mainly storefront for now. But I get asked by the occasional storefront customer to do their house. Sadly, knowing I don’t really have the equipment for this, I turn the work down. But what kind of equipment would I need? I mean, is there any way I could go to some big-box hardware store, buy an extension pole and somehow do such a job on a two-story house with something the likes of my current scrubber and squeegee? Keep in mind two things, please: I do not have a bazillion dollars for a NASA-grade water filtration system. Or any WFP system at all for that matter. And two, people did, after all, wash windows before such equipment was invented, so there has to be a way. Thanks.

Get a 24’ extension ladder, $225 at Home Depot. I still use mine on some residential work.

Get some smaller equipment, 14" and 10" strip washers, white scrub pads for extra agitation if needed, 6" 12" 14" squeegees for the smaller windows most residential jobs have, oh and a simple screen brush to brush off screens before you re install them.

Residential work is so easy once you get yourself a little system going and the proper sized tools.

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If your going to do pole work I would recommend a wagtail or backflip with an angle adaptor. You can find a basic Ettore extension pole at Lowes for like $25. Although with all of that said, I would pick ladder work any day over pole work for Res.

Also, a nice pair of booties and a squirt bottle for soap go a long way :slight_smile:

Run and hide with your tail tucked between your legs. Let the dogs do the work.

If you dont have money to buy a tall ladder , start with one story homes first . Nothing wrong with that.

Do you have smaller squeegees ? 6,10,12’'?

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Do it and taste the sweetness. Double whatever your pricing on commercial. $2 commercial => $4 or 5 residential.

You don’t need much in the way of equipment unless you’re going to be doing some crazy mansion.

My kit for regular houses:

18" mop, 14" & 18" squeegee, chip brush (for sills, tracks or just in case), a can opener from walmart (NOT the free ones for lowes or homedepot), shoe covers, and a pad (towel) to place under windows or on top of printers/computers/etc. Most of the time I don’t need a pad. Take your pole that you use on route because when you’re outside you might not be able to quite reach the top of some windows (or cheat and get a step stool).

The 18" squeegee is just for sliding doors and big windows. The 14 is small but it’s great for everything else.

That’s about it. You should already have the squeegees so spend another $5 at walmart and you’re good to go.

If it’s a 2 story house, then yeah, you might need a ladder. You can rent one from homedepot, but sliders can be taken out and cleaned from the inside and double hungs can be tilted in. The homeowner might even let you use their ladder if you give them a discount or something.

You can mop and wipe the screens by hand.

If you’re nervous about going into a home, go clean your mom’s house or your friends house and get your feet wet.

Be honest?. I’m not even sure this guy is real.

Maybe he is, maybe he ain’t. But there might be someone who comes along later who might need the information. In the meantime, it’s just a placeholder for future improvements.

Start saying yes to single story homes
I started with the longest ettore pole I could get from Home Depot
Worked for 90% of the homes without incidents or ladders

*** I’m no expert,
just been cleaning windows for a while.
Window Cleaning is Just My job, Not My Life…
~ Pompous Basterd

Hey Fastrunner! I have an idea what you can do with an extension pole! Now get lost, no one’s interested in your tripe. Post more of this garbage and I’ll complain about you to the mods. Idiot.

That’s FastFanner to you. The Cleaner Pro. Don’t worry, I’ll include your spyware program in my next fanning workshop.

Here is what you say when a store front customer asks you if you do residential. No!!!
Or I thought about doing this , but it bothered me. Have a price list with the types if windows there is an the prices to clean them hand it to them an say just call me when you want to schedule. You will get one phone call for every ten that asks

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Atomic bomb is spam…

Believe it or not, but we still do.
And that’s WITH the fandangled equipment ‘at the ready.’

If you are uncertain about residential, you need to put some more time in.

Personally, I’d say do it.

  • spend all day at one house
  • learn from the misery
  • take note of what you need to do better the next time
  • figure out how to do your job

I know I sound like I’m being a prick, but I’m not.
You are dealing with the best thing you could ask for…
people who see you, and instantly put a form of unsolicited trust in you.

They are asking you to come their house, and take their money.

  • I mean seriously, think about that. :cool:

Do the residential. If you need a ladder and don’t own one, rent it. The money you make from the residential will pay for that. If it is a good sized job you can then go buy a new ladder, or a used one cheaper at a pawn shop to get you started in the world of residential.

even if he is not real those words are just not what anyone who is getting started need to hear. I bet when you started had not clue of the field and felt that way at some point. This forum is to help each other, no to talk like a jack ass cause you got the experience on the field.

I know you Probually think I’m being. a dick, but I’m not. I’ve cleaned more storefronts then anything else in this business . I’ve dealt with a ton of mom , an pop owners , an what not.

They all think when they ask do you do houses that it’s going to be the same price as there store front.

For the people I like I just say $6 a window just call me when you want to schedule , and believe it or not most still don’t call. Lol !!

One guy week of canceled an said he is going to do them himself.

Whatever it is what it is. So That is why I don’t waste my time going to look at there house that they want cleaned if it’s cheap.

Oh an I steer them towards September slow time
But don’t go by me like j says who cares do it learn get your feet wet.
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