At cost printing question

The uploader is telling me that I can’t upload a psd for the backside of the card. What do I do now?

Save it as a jpeg and try again


Thanks for the reply. I wasnt thinking, I figured it out immediately after I posted


Im not sure it will accept a psd, I have notified Kate she will respond.

It looks like it will on the front but not the back. I just opened the file up in photoshop and saved it as a pfd. Problem solved. Thanks

Hey Tim,

Not sure why it was giving you an issue with the back side but both side should be able to be uploaded as psd. Ill keep an eye out for other people having errors like this though.

We tried to upload .psd files yesterday and it would not work. We converted to .jpeg and it did work.

If you try to enter a psd on the backside it will give you a list of acceptable formats, psd isn’t one of them

Also, be sure to check your file size. If the combined file sizes are larger than 50 mb it will kick them back and won’t allow you to upload. Using a PDF or a JPEG is usually the best bet.

I am trying to upload a pdf file and it has been telling me “Please wait” for 10 minutes now.

Ok, I tried loading a PDF file and it kept saying “Please wait” after 10 minutes I just hit the refresh button and now it is all gone. I went through the same thing last time. I am afraid to reorder for fear of putting in another order. My file size for both is 1 Meg

Wrong, I looked at the wrong file, they are to big, Max combined is 50 Meg, I am way over that. Sorry guys.

Just a heads up Jaime and anyone else who may not be sure about this, when you submit the At Cost Print Order that does not mean you are getting charged yet. I take the order and process it on my end. So if for some reason I see a duplicate At Cost order Ill reach out to you before processing it to double check to make sure it was not an error. So no worries about being double charged or anything like that. :slight_smile:

So, have you seen any orders from me.

nothing yet today or last night. Ill keep my eyes out though!

Thanks Kate and Alex, Once Again Customer Service At Its Best!

FYI - A couple of the newer Door Hangers have text in their Die cut area. The template that they are made from, is not the same as the one I downloaded from GotPrint. Their Die cut area is different then the template that the WRCA door hangers was built on.

Just a heads up. I suggest if you are going to use one of the newer door hangers to go to and download their template and move things around to stay out of the die cut area. (It will save it from bouncing back a few times, like mine did, and it will keep you from bugging Alex and Kate.) (Thank you Kate and Alex for your help!)