Attention All Sprayway useres. New Tool available

Here is the latest in Sprayway application. How to kill wasps and hornets easily - YouTube
I bought one and it works great. No more using a ladder for inside skylights. Just use the Gotcha Sprayer Pro on a pole and a zero degree squeegee on a pole. Have a WFP drip to touch up. Attatch the Gotcha Sprayer pro to you reacharound and wipe with a towel. High inside windows that need a stronger cleaning solution? Gotcha Sprayer Pro and a squeegee on a pole. They have a cheaper version available but the Pro is much stronger.
What will you use it for?

Get it here. Easily spray wasp nests, hornet nests and virtually any type of wasp spray aerosol from the end of an extension pole

I’ve seen this tool. I prefer this method -


Hey Tony,

Do you use that method in the video for interior skylights also?

Ive seen the vid from r. stein (not spelled right on purpose) of the wasp killing gizmo. It looks great for wasp killing, but thats about it. I guess if your sqeegeeing the glass and don’t have to scrub it would work.
Tony I like your idea way better. You can reach high glass, scrub it, and use your favorite cleaner while your at it!


I did my test run today on five skylights. I’m sold. This product worked really well and the interior sky look great. This product will keep me off the ladder and will allow me to clean some interior sky that were previously off limits to a ladder.