Austin and surrounding area window cleaners

Austin and surrounding window cleaners, do you guys see each other as competitors that want to crush each other or are yall friendly competitors that are talk with each other.

As a wise man said, “There are no competitors, you only compete with yourself”. I am assuming you mean Austin, Texas area.
There are probably at least a couple hundred window cleaners in this area and I only compete with myself. Some will shoot you the finger and not talk with you and some will become your friends and networking partners. I am guessing that is about the same everywhere.

Jack Ball


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I am willing to be friendly to the other solo guys but my goal is to become a big company. Currently there is no window cleaning job that I can’t do because of equipment except for high rise it is not worth doing down town high rise anymore. I can do almost any pressure washing job as well. I am able to buy almost any thing I need to get a job done. Not trying to sound like I’m the shit or anything. In Austin I don’t think any of the commercial companies are friendly with each other. Is it possible to be friendly to the other guys while trying to get as much of the pie as possible. I’m sure other companies will get pissed If I start getting their customers to be my customers.

I could… That’s the beauty of capitalism.

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No matter what anyone says (and they may say all the nicest things in the world) they are only out for themselves and their families.

I kill them with kindness.

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Oh 100%. They pat you on the front an would stab you right in the back when it comes to money , and business don’t kid yourselves.
Yes be nice to your competitors . I’m friendly with most of them I see . Some of them I just can’t stand, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual . These guys are out for themselves and only themselves . Which is cool hey you don’t owe me anything , but one thing is for sure I can see behind your line of bullshit a mile away so spare me.

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I try to avoid going into Austin, 4th worst traffic in the nation. I started cleaning windows in Austin and have met some nice guys there. First time I ran into another wcer at lunch, I sat next to him and talked shop for a good hour. He seemed to prefer dawn dish soap and sorbos. Wasn’t interested in wfp. I tried…