Austin Texas Window Cleaning Convention

Well, there’s not one planned yet, but I’m just throwing it out there as a great place to have one. Like, maybe the next one…

If you’ve never been to Austin, you will love it. Great food. Great music. And just a great vibe over all. If you’ve been to Austin, well, you know what I’m talking about.

I’m not qualified to be a speaker at the convention, but I will lead a tour over to Shiner, TX for some great beer and to Lockhart for the best BBQ you’ve ever had.

Just throwing it out there that this would be a great location. Chris… Alex… I did mention Shiner for beer, didn’t I?

I loves me some Chuy’s!

Depending on the time of year I might be able to swing a trip down your way.

I live in Austin and there would be at least 20 wc’ers from here going to it.

Or you can get out of town for the weekend and come over to New Orleans!
That way you don’t have to wait.

Would make a nice trip!

Sounds like you’re volunteering to organize the bash. Thanks!