Australian extension ladders

Finally getting around to buying a ladder,this is more a question for Steve as he lives near enough to me plus he’s seen where I operate if I remember correctly, Steve what extension ladder do you recommend that will get me to a safe working height for 2nd story windows? I like the multi ladders as they would fit nicely in my car but to be honest I don’t know if I would ever trust it not to collapse on me, I weigh 100kg so ladder safety is important

At my current glazing job we only ever use the traditional two piece extension ladder which I find to flexible for my liking and would require roof racks on my car(08 mitsi colt hatchback) I’ll get racks if I have to if those ladders are deemed the safest, but I’d rather get the safest style of ladder and then worry about how to transport it around rather than compromising safety for ease of getting it to jobs

I have a
I also have a bailey 22’ extension ladder. The extendable step wont get you up to a 2 story roof, but its very robust, I am about the same weight and have no problems.

What ever you do you can’t go wrong with bailey ladders.

I made the mistake of saving $80 initially and bought a gorilla, regretted it every time I used it , did not compare at all, go bailey all the way.

The feet on the bailey are more rubbery ( which means they grip better)
The rope is on the side of the ladder
The rope functions all the way to the top ( unlike the gorilla)

I sold my gorilla for $150 half the price I payed for it after it was almost new just so I could buy the better ladder for a few bucks more

Thanks Steve, I’ll go for the bailey, i don’t do gutters etc so only need the ladder to reach 2nd story windows for cleaning , is the ladder you linked to still perfect for that height wise?

For most 2nd story windows you want at least a 10 rung ladder. Extends to 5.2m. To get some high 2nd story stuff you’d want a 12 rung. Extends to 6.4m

If you want a multi Ladder

They do a 5.5m in the one Steve posted. Baileys one
Waku do a 6.4 also. They are very strong ladders

Y’know, I think it makes less than zero sense to measure ladders in meters. I love the metric system, but for a tool where the rungs are equally spaced one foot apart… I mean, c’mon! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

One thing that makes even less sense is calling a extension ladder a certain size that doesn’t even extend that high. It’s 3 foot shorter. :wink:



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