Australian Forum?

I’ve been absolutley loving the forums here, and have learnt so many hints and tips. But I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a Australian Window cleaners forum.
I am sure there are a few aussies here, but laws and regulations are a bit different over here.
I have found one forum here, but I don;t particularily want to pay $220 per year to access it.

I’m guessing there are a lot of windows over there hence the need for people to clean them. While there may be different laws/ways if doing things, protocols etc, window cleaning is window cleaning. I can clean a window in Mexico the same as one in France.

My suggestion would be to maybe try and have a spot opened on this forum for international wc’rs where you could share geo-specific ideas. This way I get to keep you on this forum as another friend and voice for the international window cleaners. We all win by sharing our experiences here. If you go elsewhere and find/start a new fourm then we have lost something. Stay here and see if you can get Chris or Alex to add a section for you if there is not already one that I missed. I think we would all be glad your still here. Start something Ian!!!


I definatly don’t intend to leave this forum even if I find an aussie based one. but the idea of having a section for international cleaners may be a good idea :slight_smile:

the main reason why I’ve started looking, is cause there are some major changes happening with the laws here regarding employing people, wages etc. and every time I look into finding out more, some one puts their hand out and says 'pay me and I’ll give you some information’
I don’t know what questions to ask, as I don’t know what I don;t know.