Auto Wrap

Has anyone used auto wrap. We are thinking about wrapping some of our older trucks for a more uniformed look. I’m looking to find out how they hold up. Flake tare peel etc… Plus if you have used a company in Northern New Jersey I would love a name to.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that the wrap protects the paintwork/rusting issues as well.

When I worked for someone else, we had a fleet of 55 trucks. 50 had decals on them. We had 4 pick-up trucks fully wrapped. Great for advertising because you could spot them from ten miles away. The company that did them guaranteed them for 1 year from the date they installed them. They would only give you a 6 month warranty if you put them on yourself. Now 2 of the people who had them on their trucks took care of them. Washing them regularly and not putting heavy duty soap on them. The other 2 did not and it showed. The wrap peeled in corners. They did not take care to lift things over the truck bed and just slide in on the top rail - which tore the wrap up also. We did have one truck that began to peel, so we called the company and they came and replaced it. After a year or so we wanted to pull the wrap off of one truck- this was a painful job and took about 6 hours. Also you have to be careful of high pressure washers they can begin to peel it off also.
I have thought about getting a wrap on my truck, but when you do you have to be careful. No speeding, cutting in line, cutting people off, or parking in a no parking zone, because you do get noticed. Not a week went by at my former employer did we not get a call or two from someone saying your guy in this “logo” truck did this or that. They would even call and say your guy would not let me over or he was driven to slow.

I’m trying to think of who we used. I may have it wrote down somewhere if I find it I’ll post it.