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Hi folks
My name is Gary from NC and I’m new to this forum. I have been on the NWCD forum for years but switched with some help from my old buddy Phil in FL. I’m a career scratch glass removal tech that is going to add residential WC to my business. I have been completely booked up with new construction scratch glass work for the past 2 years but as we all know it’s almost dried up. I know it will come back someday but in the mean time I think I will persue residential WC.

I love people, I love building relationships through my business so I think this will be a good match. I have a great clientel base with the builders and neigborhoods that I already work in so the odds are in my favor. I just need to work on my WC technique and learn the pitfalls of the WC business. I’m sure it will come with time. What I like is the fact that will probably learn so much more about glass then I thought I knew. It might even open up some scratch glass doors that I never knew were there.

Well let me read,read,read,and then read some more. Phil has given me some great resources to start with and I will keep you posted as I go.

PS If anyone needs any glass scratch advice I am ready and willing to tell all I know. It has been and will continue to be a great business for me. I feel like I’m doing it all backwards by starting with an upsell portion of the glass cleaning business and working my way toward glass cleaning. Kind of weird.

Thanks in advance

Welcome Gary!

Hey Gary… Welcome aboard!

Hey Gary,
Nice to have you here.
Enjoy. People here are very friendly and helpful.
Looking forward to learning from you too.

I love Phil.

I love Phil too :D:D

Hi Gary - everyone loves everyone here.

Except Sörbo.

I love Sörbo as well. I’ve not even had a drink. Off to bed. Chris check your email.

I love Phil more.

(Gary, it is me: Phil)

Gary has been, to me, the go-to-guy for scratch removal. He is one of the pioneers of that industry and was always available and enjoyed sharing his head-tome of info w/me. He has inspired me for a few years and has never, ever given me advice he himself had not tried.

The forum, at large, will find Gary a valuable addition to the group.

I so appreciate how welcomed everyone has made him feel. so far. I also told him to expect just this.

Gary, you are surely among friends.

I thought his name was Gary?!?

That’s why I love Phil.

Thanks Bro


Thank me after the initiation rights are over. (you have to eat some bacon sandwich and drink some bacon beer)

Hi Gary, glad to have you, and yes I love Phil too!!! Have you ever considered changing your name?

Gary, welcome to squeegee jungle !

that’s it…HA!!! that’s not what I had to do:mad:
I still have nightmares

Welcome Gary! We all love Phil and Sanchez too!

I luv u 2 Tony


Welcome to the club.