Awning bidding

I was wondering how you guys bid for awnings? Ive got my first one next week. Is small and I bid it at what I want an hour. I figured 1.5 hours to be safe. Its very dirty, will be using universal vinyl awning cleaner. Its a good one to learn on and dont really care if I end up not making much. Do you guys figure by hour or sqf? Do you figure patio umbrellas the same way?

You may find most started out priceing by the foot.
Simple reasoning.
When one First get started there is no way to bid by the job.
You don’t know how long it will take or have your repeatable system down.
My first awning I bid was small bid $65
It took me over 4 hours
Outside, inside cleaning, then the mess cleanup.
I say stick with square footage till you get a feel for it then try by the job.
Once you have the right setup and system going you will find awning cleaning a simple job.
Every now and then it may get complex.
The hardest part of awning cleaning for me is havering clients find me
Having said that-
patio umbrellas I would price by the piece.
For most umbrella jobs there will be more than one
Good luck!!

Thank you. I feel for ya on that first bid and understand what you mean on no idea how long it will take. I have a feeling my first awning will be similar to yours. This was the 2nd one ive come across in a couple weeks. Figured I better learn to do em. How much do you think is the average cost per ft? And do you mean lineir or square ft?

S.f.averages are tough to say cuz it depends on your area.
Cleaning- .50 - $1.00 s .f.
Sealing- .75 - $1.25 s.f
Clean and seal- …80-$1.75 s. f.
Also you should add on for your post clean up as well
I charge by the square foot

Thank you againe. Sounds like I came pretty close on the bid. Found out I got the bid. While im there ill measure it up and see how I did. Thanks againe

Check out some of d. Shocklys vidios.
He is a awning cleaning guru!!!

For sure will check em out. Learning a ton from videos.