Awning Cleaning Inside?

We had a request today for a routine cleaning of an awning… only catch is its located inside the mall. We have a few awnings on a route that get done monthly. Lots of water is involved though. Any ideas for a dry clean?

Is it easily removable? You could then clean outside and replace.

Don’t you have a drop-off-your-awning-for-cleaning sign out front of your shop?

Maybe you could steam clean it.

Chemspec makes a product called “Fast Drying Upholstery Shampoo” you could use it with a natural sponge, no rinsing required. However it could by towel dried.

Thanks Lance … we ended up just dry brushing it, and a little spot cleaning.

No problem Chris, Sorry it was late!
Some canvas awnings out there are “sunbrella” And I have cleaned a ton of patio furniture made of the same material. I have also applied “Protector” to this material that claims to slow or stop UV ray damage as well as stain protection. The customers are all over it!:smiley:

Inside fabric awnings are easy work… I switch out the chemicals and use a steam cleaner with a hand tool… NO HOT WATER. Vinyl awnings require a little more work and the right chemical… A few suppliers have a cream cleaner you rub on like you would buff a car…