Awning Cleaning Mailout Post Card for Sept 08

Here’s my Awning Cleaning Post Card for Sept 2008. I mail post cards most every month to the Awning Manufacturers in my area (about 100 of them) so they can pass my name to their customers. - It’s part of my on going marketing campaign. It’s important for me to remind them that I’m here to help keep awnings bright and clean.
-Wayne :o)

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For some reason i can’t open that file, i think it’s to do with my adobe, its been acting up lately,

However can i ask you how can you be sure that the awning manufacturers handout your cards for them…

whats in it for them?

Also if these are manufacturers are you sure they supply awning direct to the public…perhaps their awnings are sold through distributors

Are you saying that you send a postcard to 100 manufacturers
about 100 postcards are sent to a few manufacturers

If its the case that you only supply them with one postcard each then it would be too much hassle for them to copy your details for each individual customer they deal with.

Give the manufacturers an incentive to hand out your cards.

I mail out just one post card each to the 100 Awning Manufacturers in my area on a monthly basis. It’s just a reminder to them that I’m here to help their customers keep their awnings clean. (I know 80% of them throw my card away, but it’s the 20% that help me and I help them by having them on my referral list of awning manufacturers (on our website and as a handout).

The incentive to the awning companies is that they warranty their awnings for 5 to 8 years depending on the fabric. Many times a customer will call
the awning company after a few years and complain the fabric has gone bad. The awning company checks out the awning(s) and tells the customer the fabric is fine, it’s just dirty and needs to be clean. The customer asked, “How do I do that?” The awning company says, “Call this awning cleaning company and they will give you a free estimate on cleaning your awning for you.” - I help awning companies with “warranty issues”.

Some awning companies hired us directly to clean awnings for their customers. We split 60/40. (We get the 60%) They get me into places I would never had without their help. - I don’t mind giving up the 40% because we do so much business with them.