Awning Cleaning Question

I would like to provide awning cleaning services in my area but I’m not sure how I would get a supply of water to rinse them off?

I’m not sure if most storefronts have access to water faucet?

Any suggestions or tips?


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When I started out, I used a rinsless baby laundry detergent. It worked really well. Now, most areas of mine have city taps.

I have one account that I initially used my pressure washer on a low PSI; but it ended up taking more time to set-up and load than cleaning the awning because the faucet was a 150’ away. After a couple years I finally just started using my WFP (tank mounted pump system) with a stiff brush and since I clean it twice a year, detergent isn’t really necessary and it will clean the bird droppings right off. If you had to use detergent applied with hand sprayer it would probably work well and then just rinse with a WFP. You could easily set up a rinse tank with a Shurflo pump and a battery or vehicle aux power inverter without much expense.

Thanks for the input I’m still working up a strategy for it. We don’t have too many storefronts with awnings in my area but I just want to be prepared.