Awning Cleaning Video Sept 28, 2008

Here is a new Awning Cleaning video I just put up on Youtube. I hope you enjoy it. - Wayne

Great video. What a difference in that awning! Amazing results. If you don’t mind me asking, what would you charge for an awning that size?

I wanna know what the chemical is??? I’d also like to know if you seal them after Wayne?

To clean these 2 small awnings we charged our minimum price of $120. We also applied a water repellent sealer which helps slow down the growth of mold and mildew and recommended cleaning every 6 months.

Awesome Wayne!

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I used Awning Cleaner for fabric and mixed the right amount of chlorine bleach as the manufacturer recommends.

see the pdf files on that page

and .

Cheers Wayne

Great video! If you do a lot of these you’d be wise to grab yourself a procurve pole.

Thats the first thing I thought of. Along with some sort of radius brush… Like this one.


Is there a homemade sealer I can put together, just like the homemade cleaner? If not, where’s a good place to purchase the sealer? Is the bleach/soap mixture usable on most awnings?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks Mark & Alex great suggestions on the Procurve Pole and radius brush. I just didn’t have it in my truck that morning so I had to use what I had on hand. (You know how it goes when you shoot a quick video, you always forget something.) The brushing was only to make sure the cleaning solution was covering everything. It’s the chemicals that does the work on the mold and mildew. What you didn’t see in the video was the dwell time - about 30 minutes.

Brennon there are several places to get sealers, UV protectors and waterproofers. Here’s one:
They make lots of cleaners and also do private labeling.

This awning fabric was a “canvas” type awning called Sunbrella and they recommend 303 Fabric Guard. (I’ve also used “Canvas Waterproofer” from Sporting Good stores, in the tent section.) - I hope this information helps.

Thanks, Wayne

I use Winsol Wayne - I’m just not happy with the result on canvas type awnings with mould.

Hi Karlos,

Yes, many cleaners just don’t work so well on mold and mildew. What I did was get old awnings from my local Awning Manufacturers and ran all sorts of tests until I worked out what really does the job right! (Forming an alliance with my local awning manufactures is a BIG help to me. I send them work when I can’t clean old and damaged awnings and in turn they refer me to their customers that need their awnings cleaning. Win-Win for both of us!)

What I found was a mixture of 25% beach, 10% awning cleaner and 65% warm water seems to be the answer. This solution must stay on the fabric for 10 to 30 minutes and sometimes evens needs to be repeated to get good results. (Of course, the fabric and seams needs to be check that they can withstand the cleaning process. Most canvas fabric awnings (Sunbrella) that are less than 5 years old can be cleaned this way, but always use caution when using beach (sodium hypochlorite.) Rinse with lots of clean water to make sure all the beach is off of the fabric and of course the ground below the awnings and plants and lawn.

I hope this information is helpful.


I’m going to Dallas for free-labor-for-training ? :smiley:

Hey Wayne, being in Houston I see a lot of this awnings in need of service, and I did noticed that you service Blockbusters and Cici’s pizza, how do you handle those? do you talk to store manager or you have to go higher than that ?

PM if you will or answer here, whatever makes you comfortable.

Hi Puntadigital,

Yes, you’re just a 5 hour drive from here. I’ve even cleaned a few awnings in your area. Lots of dirty awnings in your area that need servicing. One of the big problems is not many people know how to clean awnings properly. So a big opportunity for you and the great thing is, it goes hand in hand with your current window cleaning business.

Getting major accounts like CiCi’s and Blockbuster are not all that hard. - You just keeping contacting them and invite them to give your service a try. Some stores are corporate owned other are franchised. Some the local manager makes these decisions, others it may be a regional manager. Just contact them and find out. Get their name, address and phone number and keep sending them your information. Be willing to give them a free sample of your work.

Yes, if you’re in the DFW area stop in, we’ll have lunch and talk shop. I also teach an Awning Cleaning Training Class a few times a year here in Fort Worth if you have an interest in professional awning cleaning training. (Over the last 15 years we’ve trained about 350 people throughout the world.) Here’s a link about our classes.

Good luck to you and I hope this information has been helpful to you.


Thanks Wayne - I do the same in the way of company referrals. I always thought bleach was a no go on awnings - but I suppose winsol has it in there somewhere. Just haven’t been brave enough to use it mixed naturally like that.
We also have strict “down the drain” laws - I wouldn’t get away using bleach in the street. I think its currently €10,000 fine. Its €3000 for washing your car in the street & a thousand for a mop bucket emptied there as well. I don’t do too many awnings these days.

Hi Karlos,

Bleach is actually recommended by the awning fabric manufacturer for mold and mildew removal. Of course, it’s always best to test for compatibility in a small inconspicuous area.

Yes, I understand your problem with waste water disposal. For the most part awning cleaning doesn’t create too much waste water. The rules here are much the same - “no waste water into public streets or drains.”. On warm days here in Texas the waste water evaporates before it ever makes it to the street. However, when cleaning awning in shopping malls I have created a small dam under the awnings using 3" PVP pipe and 4 elbows and some 4 mill plastic sheeting. My dam is about 4’ by 8’ and 3" deep (2 - 5 foot sections and 2 - 10 foot sections connected with the 4 elbows forming a frame with the plastic sheet as the catch basin.) I can suck the waste water out with a wet/dry shop vac (or mop it out with towels) and dump it down a sanitary drain. - It works well and just add a little setup and take down time.

The best to you,

Thanks for the video Wayne! :slight_smile:

wayne, I had a similar awning…t-r-a-s-h-e-d with either algae or mildew…and tried to clean using bleach etc. I did not allow a long dwell time and the awning did not clean…at all.

Can I now assume that maybe had i reapplied and let dwell for the 30 minuts you write about…maybe it wold have cleaend?

Hi Phil,

Yes, dwell time is often the answer. The awning on the video took 3 applications of bleach/cleaner mixed with 20 minutes dwell time between each application. The mold and mildew was hanging on for dear life but finally I was able to prevail.

Thanks for your comments,