Awning cleaning

I just got one of my clients from window cleaning to have awning cleaned, does anyone have any tips on cleaning awnings?

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Check this sub forum instead of Power Washing:

Buy a water fed pole from Chris and Alex. Use it. Be Happy. You can use it on windows too. And if you don’t like the pole you can sell it to me at a used price. :slight_smile:

We have a few we do regularly … We use Bleach and a simple green type mixture. We use a pole and a scrub brush… Go over the whole thing with a gentle scrub and rinse away.

I know some will advise against this but we also use our pressure washer turned way down for quick rinsing off purposes.

Of course a WFP works as well.

The advice that I received in talking to some guys at a business that makes awnings and used to clean them is:
Get 3 grades of brushes, soft, med., course. Use ‘Ivory Snow’ or ‘Tide w/ bleach’ (powdered form) for canvas. Ivory is gentler than tide. Use tide (or mix) for tougher jobs. Use the softest brush that you can, that will also clean it well. Water hose pressure is sufficient to rinse. Apply sealant when clean area dries. For vinyl, use a 2 in 1 cleaner and protectant.Sunbrella-cleaningAwnings.pdf (27.9 KB)Sunbrella-StainChart.pdf (27.4 KB)

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hello guys, it’s clean and seal !! Use only chems that are approved for awnings. did you check the seams and color fastness ?? if not your setting you self up to buy the skin!! no pressure washing awnings!! too much pressure!! For clean up below the awning is ok!! sealing vinyl or open weave keeps the color sharp and uv at bay. then every spring to fall clean. some areas get 3-4 a year cleaning, cleaning early morn or nite or week end when the dumbys aren’t around !! if your in the window buss your 80% there and better rate than windows !! hope this helps!! stan , pro window kleening in south dakota since 1971

is this gone?

Just done 27 today & yesterday. Don’t enjoy them & a lot of hassle. I used simple green for relatively clean ones. Winsol sells some good stuff, but not very eco’. Any other product, test-spot first. Canvas awnings are the worse.

Also, contact Wayne Shockey (member here and on the Interweb.)

We clean a good amount of awnings, we use a product named Sky Clean which is a great deal less money than Winsol and more effective/green etc. Mr Longarm or Ettore pole with soft brush, clean from bottom up, wet, clean, rinse, squeegee off

We just finished cleaning one, it had been stained with rusty water and the owner was considering giving up. This was the Sunbrella type that rolls up. We found that plain old lemon juice and sun exposure did the job. It removed the rust and brightened the fabric, no scubing, no fussing. We are now using it on our boat covers.

Hi chris.
What type of bleach to simple green ratios are you talking about? Thanks

Just tried getting to this link, but it says it doesn’t exist. I just had a customer request cleaning for 16 awnings that are each about 9 sq ft and have a rounded top. They are not vinyl, they are canvas or some other cloth. They are brown in color, and have mold and mildew growing all over them. I’m new to awning cleaning and want to make sure I get them the right way without damaging them. Any tips?