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Another great contribution courtesy of Wayne L Shockey


I’m glad you enjoyed my Awning Cleaning Post Card entitled, "We’re Sometimes Called “Miracle Workers”. The awning pictured was over 10 years old and had lots of mold and mildew on the fabric (Sunbrella) was very delicate, so I had to be very careful and let my chemicals do the work for me. (I used Awning Cleaner for fabric and mixed the right amount of chlorine bleach as the manufacturer recommends.
See The official website of Sunbrella brand fabrics see the pdf files on that page
The official website of Sunbrella brand fabrics and [url=]The official website of Sunbrella brand fabrics .
There were 4 awning on that house and it took about a hour to clean them all.

Attached is another Post Card we use. As you can see we print them 4 up on a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of card stock on our Laserjet Printer. The first side is printed and then we turn them around and run them back through the Laserjet Printer. I like to print them on yellow card stock. I mail out several 100’s post cards every month and also use them for door hangers by taping them(using removable Scotch Tape) to doors of businesses that have awnings in the early morning hours (if I have no work at that time). To the post card I also attach my business card so it acts as 2 forms of advertisements. (I try and create a new post card or advertisement every month.)

Thank goodness, before getting into the cleaning business, I was in the printing and marketing business. (I really enjoyed my Printing business but after 20 years I needed a change and the cleaning business gives me lots more freedom and I actually make more money now. - I was so burn out of my 8 am to 6 pm, 6 days a week job.)

I hope this information is helpful. I’m glad I can contribute to the group.

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TY Chris for giving me access. As a result, I got to speak with Wayne via phone call yesterday.

what an awesome, giving man he was/is. Our chat was interrupted because I had a lunch planned with our sales guy.

truly an inspiring chat.