Awning waiver

hello all, does anyone have any waivers that would be helpful for awning cleaning. would be grateful for your help. Thanks

I hope this helps:


The undersigned building/home owner/manager acknowledges and agrees to the following:

1.  EXTREMELY OLD/DAMAGED/WEATHERED AWNINGS.  I have been informed that some or all of the awnings at the location______________________________________________ have been neglected to the extent that restoration attempts may not only prove futile but manipulation could possibly cause cracking and/or other damage to said awnings.  I have also been advised that conventional cleaning methods and products used by professional awning cleaners cannot correct this problem adequately.  Further, I understand that due to the extremely delicate nature of awning fabric, the damage to the surface of the material may be uncorrectable even with special treatment and, if so, the awning may need to be replaced. 

2. SPECIAL CLEANING/RESTORATION PRODUCTS.  I have also been informed that there are special products that may restore/improve the appearance of the awning(s).  If the severe neglect has not already caused significant damage to the awning surface, these products should restore the material and eliminate the need to replace it.  In some cases, however, the damaged condition of the awning may not be restored after the application of special products.  I understand that no guarantee of success has been made by _____________________________________________________________ or any of its representatives.  In some cases, the special cleaning agents may clean/restore some part but of not all of the awning(s) fabric. 

3. AUTHORIZATION. On the basis of the forgoing understanding and information, I hereby authorize __________________________________________________ to use special cleaning products in an attempt to restore the severely damaged awning(s). 

4. RELEASE AND INDEMNITY. I agree not to make any claim arising from or in connection with the use or application of the special cleaning/restoration products and I further agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless _________________________________________ and the manufacturer of the special products  against all claims for damage to real or personal property that may arise. 

SIGNED_____________________________________ DATE__________________

SIGNED_____________________________________ DATE__________________

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Hello Wayne
Thanks again.