Aztec Screen Cleaner will rock your world

Oops… Sorry I forgot about this. [MENTION=12729]JaredAI[/MENTION] is spot on (obviously)

And this is where I store mine:

Thanks guys for the pictures. Do those of you who use them use it as a marking tool to differentiate yourself from competitors or use it to up sell?

That is crazy fast. I am going to need one of those!

Oh yeah. When you use it, use it in the front yard where people can see you. I’ve had neighbors come by and watch and then want an estimate. A friend of mine in Colorado Springs said he got 5 customers in one neighborhood. I’ve never had that much luck, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Also, I was shipping these with just a small sticker on them, my thought being that window cleaners would want their own stickers make up to advertise. Some have made them, some haven’t. So with the new batch of cleaners, I’m going to slap a huge “Screen Washer” sticker on there so it’ll at least advertise what you’re doing.

I was just thinking that the other day, Jared. Gussy up my Aztec in Green & Red - company colors :slight_smile:

Wow, I’m so glad I bought the screen washer! It came just in time for the worst screens I have ever seen in the almost 3 years of cleaning windows full time! By the way, these screens were on the inside.

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Looks cool!! But id wonder what our water patrol would think of the screen washer… Lol

Is this the newest version of the Aztec screen washer?
If not what mods have been done since?

i modified it and added an on off switch which allows me to wash only when a screen is in the machine.

Dang man. I hope you didn’t just sell me one of those things. Looks tight… Kudos AZTEC

No minnows were harmed in the development of the washer. It’s minnow safe since I don’t think they’ll fit in the tubing. But it only has 2 holes so it actually doesn’t use too much water. However, you can take a pocket knife and add more holes if you wanted…

The mods were mostly cosmetic. The body changed a little bit to make better use of materials, I added a shut off valve and a second water hole… Oh, and HUGE stickers to help advertise “Screen Washer”. Originally I thought people would just want to get their own printed up with their name on the side, but this give you the advertising power right out of the box.

I glad about the minnows. I was worried about that.

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Thank you, shut off valve was what I was hoping for. I’ll be ordering one this week.

You won’t regret it. When I bought it; I hoped this wasn’t one of those expensive toys that just sits in my storage. It definitely has not been a waste, saves so much time. Its a great conversation piece with my clients as well.

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I bought mine partly because of the drought here in Cali. Do it on the lawn and water the grass at the same time, we used to do it on the garage doors but the water would run into the street, that’s bad! It’s an attention getter, also had decals made that have my name and logo,

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With screens that are lightly dusty you can just brush and wet rag wipe them on the spot, this is ideal and a huge time saver.

For filthy screens its best to water them down. There are two ways I usually water them down:

  1. I use a water hose and handle set on the FAN SPRAY setting which does a good job at removing the dirt/dust, however the screen is still dirty because the water pressure is not enough to clean the screen. So I follow with wet rag wipe down.

  2. The aztec does the above process in one step. Its the Fastest and best way to clean dirty screens.