Aztec Screen Cleaner will rock your world

Just got my fancy new screen cleaner today…about time!

As I was effortlessly feeding extra dirty pollen caked screens through it today, the thought struck me: “why didn’t I buy this a year ago!”

The extra time saved will pay for it’s purchase very quickly, I think.

No more groaning when I face a stack of 50-100 screens after wf poling a house all day.

The folding leg design really makes this thing compact and easy to transport. It only took a few screens to get the knack of how to feed the screen through with no wobble once legs are extended.

The solid aluminum construction is light yet very strong. I could see even the most careless employee being able to toss this in the back of the truck and have it perform for years.

Well done [MENTION=12729]JaredAI[/MENTION]

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I love mine. I had such a hard time justifying the expense before I bought it. I had “done the math” (or so I thought) and it seemed like it would take quite a while to pay for itself. Now that I have it, it’s a real no-brainer. It has enabled me to complete larger jobs in a single day. That’s big savings right there. And it makes it so I don’t dread cleaning screens. As I told one customer who asked me if I thought it was a better way to clean screens: “it’s a lot more fun!”.

Ok that was sick fast

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[MENTION=37745]bizpro[/MENTION] And that was for a very dirty screen. I think you could clean many medium soiled screens in 1 pass.

That’s pretty awesome. Great work!

Great video!

That version had 3 holes in it and it looks like it might be too much water.

Quick tip: for really dirty screens or those pet screens, get your water bottle, squirt a good gob of soap in there, and then “Z” the stack of screens. You can do 5-10 screens this way but don’t go crazy. A quick “Z” and you’ll get a lot of soap and suds and it’ll clean those nasty screens up.

I’ve had some jacked up screens and end up with marks in the screen. A quick shot of soap and it’s good to go.

Good video Jesse.

You should do one with a "before and “after” affect.Showing the condition of the screen before and after…wait maybe [MENTION=12729]JaredAI[/MENTION]
should do it.


Definitely, Steve. The battery on my good camera died, so I was using my very low resolution cheapie camera.

I have a new computer and new camera coming soon… hopefully, decent videos are soon to follow.

Before and afters should show dry screens. When the screen is wet it looks clean so that’s why other companies always show you the wet screen. :wink:

Uh that would be. "Wicked fast ". Get with the lingo

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Sorry let me try that again "wicked fast "

How’s that?

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If you want to full Masshole, “it’s wicked pissah” is the correct phrasing.

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That’s better. Now say. Park ya kar at the bar

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I think y’all are just messing with me :slight_smile:

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Yeah I know [MENTION=12729]JaredAI[/MENTION] thats why they do it that way, I was saying show the real "dirty"
screen before run it through the Aztec then show the finished product.:wink:

Looks nice!!

Maybe next year I can buy one, if it rains this year… Were currently going thru a drought, if I was to bee seen using that id either get fined or kicked out of a home. Water conservation is big right now! Specially among resi clients, hell the Aquadapter has scored me jobs

Can someone give me the dimensions folded up? The only reason I have not purchased one is the size and the ability to fit it in my truck…but if it folded up I could make a home for it!

I’ll post a little later this morning.

Jared, tried your Quick tip today on some gross screens. Worked like a charm! Thanks!

This had been one of this year’s best purchases. Such a time (and back) saver.

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Humm, at the base it’s about 8" x 6" and it’s 38" long. The body is 4x6 and then the legs add another inch on either side.

You can store it just about anywhere. I just don’t recommend storing it under ladders: you might scuff up your ladders.