Baby shampoo

Has anyone ever used baby shampoo to clean windows? If so what were the results?
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Us at Window Cleaning Louisville use Dawn and only Dawn. :slight_smile:

+1 Blue Dawn, actually had a customer say the other day that not only were the windows clean, but it smelled nice as well :slight_smile:

Thats a new one to me. Try it out and let us know.

GG4 here. Not sure if they are on this board but I know there are at least 2 other guys that say they use baby shampoo. They never gave any details as to how it worked for them.

No, but I scrub down my kids with GG3 and a 10" Microtiger.

Works great with Distilled water. Less bleeding compared to Dawn and Joy= Less detailing = more money:) Your hands don’t dry out as much too. No squeegee drag. No residue either;)
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The same company that makes WINDEX makes baby shampoo. Weird.

At least if I fall face first into my bucket there will be “no more tears.”

Antibacterial apple blossom dawn here and TSP

How much do you need vs. dish soap and compare the cost. I know its not as concentrated as Dawn because it rinses out of my daughters hair real fast so I’m sure you have to use quite a bit more. I don’t see how it requires less detailing because I thought that was more of a technique issue. I am also wondering why distilled water. That seems like additional cost and water thats not distilled shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t leave any behind. I might be way wrong so correct me if I am.

Sounds like a recipe for residue…

Rofl ! I guess gg4 would work just as well, I will have to try that.

What brand of baby shampoo do people use or does it matter ? Wat about regular shampoos ?

haha comedy, I actually laughed out loud @ that one

We use Glass Gleam and only Glass Gleam.