Background Checks

Sorry, if this topic has been discussed several times, but I have the hardest time figuring out how to use the search option on the forum.
Can anyone recommend a good company that offers background checks for small businesses? I’ve hired people in the past through desperation or gut instinct and have been burned (theft). I’m doing my due diligence this go around. Thanks!

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i had a very knowledgable employee many years ago his advice to me was keep the honest ones honest by checking on them enough that they know you know whats going on. much employee theft is done by previously honest folks who succumbed to temptation.

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Very wise! My employee had been with me for over 5 years when I caught him stealing credit card info from customers. He was cleaning windows in a home office, peaked in a desk drawer, saw a credit card, took pics of it (front and back) and attempted to use it after work. My long time customer contacted me when the attempted usage was flagged by their credit companies. Fortunately, the purchases were declined when he tried to make them. I didn’t want to believe it. He denied doing it. I asked him if I could see his phone, then looked at his pics and they were still there. I fired him immediately. It was incredibly disappointing.

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I am so far removed from the concept of stealing, in any way, shape or form… I sometimes worry that I’m ignorant.
-I have never stole anything in my life… (thanks Mom and Dad. lol)
-Over the years I DO tend to notice the mental focus of people I’ve been around.
For me/us I see valuables not a things of value, but as “shit in our way” (maybe like a bank teller see’s cash)

-I’m not boasting, I admittedly admit, that I just dont have the nerve to steal, but can see how its probably easy for someone who DOES have the balls to.


The headache of having to deal with the guilt + the consequences if I ever got caught never seems worth it to me.

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Our payroll company offers background checks, but I also do a Google search before anyone even gets an invitation to an interview.

That being said, our employees are also told that if anything gets swiped, and its proven, we will throw them under the bus. Police will be called, but not immediately. I need a chance to find them first if you know what I mean.

Been accused twice in 12 years. First one thought we stole the faux French grid off a door, until he found it in the garage.

Second one was a very old lady who hid bracelets (from us) in her dirty laundry and couldn’t find them after. Husband called later and accused us in a passive aggressive manner. Lady told us that this has happened before when she hides things. I offered to go there personally to help them look for these items, or to talk to the police and I didn’t hear back. Assumed case closed, considering the only person that was in the room in question was my wife, and she definitely didn’t go through a 90 year old lady’s dirty laundry looking for gold.

The next year they called us to wash their deck. We politely but firmly declined.


I had a customer call me back once to tell me her jewelry was missing and we were the only ones in her room. She found her jewelry a couple days later at her lakehouse.

Just an update…I’ve been using GoodHire for my background checks. They charge $75 (I think) for setup fee and then $30 for each background check. I’ve used it 4 times and it usually comes back within the day if not the next. Unfortunately, they do not offer a reliability check. That’s another story!