Hey guys. I’m trying to figure out how to rank higher on SEO. My understanding is that backlinks are still relevant, but must be done strategically. Does anyone have any info on how they’ve raised their seo ranking with backlinks or can you point me in the direction to information which could tell me how to do this? Thanks!

i hired a guy.


I can’t hire a guy, I’m all ears for helpful tips though.

@SqueegeeNinjaNJ @Njones @JaredAI maybe one of these guys can give you some information.

Unfortunately, that’s proprietary in my case.

There is a ton of info online though. Just make sure you look for recent, high ranking articles.

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Thanks Chris. Yeah it looks like that’s what I’m going to have to do. I was
hoping to find somebody on fiverr to do it but I don’t think that those
cheap offers are going to be worth it in the long run. I’m going to
probably have to do some work. Thanks anyways though!

I would stay away from the Fiverr ones. Low quality links in large quantities will have the opposite effect of what you want.


Hey @WindowRescue …the MOZ blog is a great source for SEO advice from guys that really know what they’re doing. - Especially anything there from Rand Fishkin -


Sweet thank you!

Great info @Lars. Thanks for the link

Our pleasure @WindowRescue @IronLionZion always happy to help :slight_smile:


Backlinks have much less impact than they used to. Only high quality relevant links will help.

I’d recommend focusing on high quality content first & foremost for any SEO efforts - long term its the safest & most reliable course.


Thanks Njones. Are there any websites/ local groups/ organizations/etc you could suggest pursuing?