BackPack sprayer hookups

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I know many here use some form of backpack sprayer with our waterfed setup. I thought it might be good for some of us to post pics or explanations of how we hook up our pole hose to the sprayer.

  1. I first used brass quick connects that one can find in the air compressor section at home depot. I included a ball valve for easy shut off and flow control.

  2. I’ve also used a more simple (cheaper) method. I recently hooked up a 3/8" brass barbed hose splicer going in one end of the Neverpump sprayer hose and the other to a short section of pole hose with a straight push to fit connector on it. One can control on/off simply by pinching the hose.

Please share your hook up pics.


Computer prob loading not in order but …

But off the 3/8 clear hose from solo back pack is 3/8 barb to garden hose adapter ( wcr alex )
Then green quick connect fitting to n lite hose ( wcr alex )
Then 1/4 barbed in line flow valve ( advance auto parts )
Then quick connects to brush can switch from pencil to fan on nlite brush in a second ( wcr alex )
Last is remote key fob turns pump on & off ( )

I copied rivetOr. Thanks Bro!!!

Thanks i have a wfp cart but just bought a electric backpack figure I make my water at home and take with me when I run into well water problems thanks for the tip on connectors that was my biggest issue

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Thanks for sharing.

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