Baked-on Plastic and Glue

Many of us have run into plastic covering new glass. It’s a great idea for protecting it from construction garbage- unless it’s left on too long.
I’m looking for suggestions on an efficient way to dissolve the plastic and the glue which have basically separated from each other. The glue has hardened somewhat. A scraper is far too slow. I tried around 50/50 mix of ammonia and soapy water and it barely helped at all.
Maybe Oil Flo will work, but I use that stuff as an absolute last resort.

Try some krud cutter
Available at home d Poe

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heat gun

Try some goof off, I spray a few, let it sit for a few then hit it with a blade.

Have had luck with both heat gun & scraper. I wouldn’t be using a heat gun in winter though. I find a padded (for the palm) smaller scraper has been the best way so far with a water sprayer.

I think the heat gun: Get the glue to reflow onto the plastic and you might be able to pull it off.

I had a ccu recently with some heavy shit on it. I used goo gone and 3m blue pads. I had to let it sit and scrub a lot. I don’t use scrapers on the new glass though. IMO that takes too long and don’t want to scratch the glass. I’m real careful with the blades bit definitely don’t want the customer saying I scratched the glass.

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Dan. Try “contractors solvent”.
Home Depot should carry it.

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Good to know for a future situation. Contractor didn’t call me back.
Thanks for the suggestions.

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