Ball park price

In/out! 1 sticker on ever pane inside and a pretty simple wash. Outside has some mild paint overspray here and there. Contractor let me use their lift!

CCU is never as easy as they seem. 2.5x your regular price.
If you need to rent a lift then the cost of that would be added on, but since the contractor is supplying the lift, 2.5x your regular price.

I am familiar with the 2 to 3 x regular cost. Would you use factor bidding? 1.0 2.0 3.0 pricing then multiply by 2.5. Also they don’t need a bid they just hired me flat out as I’ve worked for them before. What do you consider a reasonable hourly rate per guy. I’ve heard of people charging like 200 or 300 pr hr per guy on ccu. Do you make 2.5 times your normal profit or do you charge 2.5 for the additional work but still profit like you would on a home.

You dont know ballpark if this is like a 2k, 4k, 6 k, 10k job?

I do not know your way of pricing a job, but if were just hiring you to clean then that would be your base price. If you factor, cool; if not, no matter, use your base price then as a CCU do 2.5-3X that. Everyone does their thing different - that is how I would do it.

Every CCU seems “mild” until the work starts. After that it it’s often regret for not charging more

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$200-$300/man hour, or crew hour, and we what you had seen a prevailing wage job, or private sector?

If charge probably 10-20% more than my average man hour rate. If you treat them fair, since they trust you, you’ll have a long term customer.

I charged $5,200 and the guy is calling me chewing my ass. Said he will pay the bill and we are done and he needs an explanation on pane pricing.

3 story, lots of windows, nose to glass on each one with a ladder - what if you you only cleaned some of the debris off?? If the job goes a lot easier than anticipated you could cut a price break, but CCU is no joke.

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I agree. CCU is never fun. I’d break down the pricing by height. 1st story, 2nd story, and 3rd story. Per pane pricing should be higher for the upper ones.

because contractors view you as a cleaning ‘laborer’ like the ones they may hire from a temp service for $20-30/hr as gross fee to temp co

uphill battle against a mindset