Baptism By Fire: My First BIG CCU Job

Upper Glass CCU Project

Here are some photos of my first BIG CCU project, a 77,000-square-foot, $34 million-dollar healthcare facility. The majority of the glass is incorporated into curtain walls, including the main lobby walls which are 35 feet tall at their highest point. There are also 8-feet-high glass curtain walls enclosing two separate corridors, of approximately 200 feet and 150 feet in length respectively. There are also numerous windows built into stuccoed load-bearing exterior walls, as well as approximately 300 interior glass door inserts, office walls, and skylights. Because virtually all the exterior glass had been power-washed with extremely hard water, nearly every pane had to be scraped to one degree or another. We used mops and squeegees as well as DI by pole and scissor lift. The project ended up consuming 106 man-hours by myself and another individual over the course of 8 days. The project was originally slated to be completed in no more than 3 days(!) I won’t say what my bid was, but suffice it to say it wasn’t enough, LOL. But it turned out beautifully and we now have a very impressive project to add to our job portfolio.


Congratulations on the baptism. lol
Yea, CCU is no joke. Until you do one or two, the stark understanding of that doesn’t quit reveal its ugly head. Good experience to have under your belt both for learning from and the importance of correct pricing. More power to you brother.

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What a job! Very impressive work. Hope you made SOME money. The glass looks outstanding. Hope you can keep them ongoing, could make up for loss.


Thanks! The prime contractor said they would put in a good word for us to the building managers, so I’m hopeful we can get a maintenance contract. Would be a whole lot easier and more profitable on an ongoing basis.

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