Bar Code Scanning Store Front

Check out this company in my area:

They put bar codes on store front glass, I guess to check in and out that they were there…

Seems like a neat idea… I thought about doing something similar a few years ago… but I couldn’t put all the pieces together.

Can anyone think of any other purposes for scanning in?

Pretty cool …and the use SORBO !!! :slight_smile:

Advertise only and only one service is a big hit in my opinion.
I cannot afford to do that, but it sure works.
(let’s the flaming begin )

I would imagine they have a fairly large operation and it is a way to keep track of their employees as well as a selling point to the customers that they are doing so.

I think that even if you don’t have a lot of employees it will give you an edge over the competition, used as you mentioned, as a selling point.

Yes I can. We have done this. You can actually have in so automated that when the scan comes across it creates an invoice. We did it for about a year due to the fact that back in the day all our guys didnt report to the office but the office could know who to bill that day and what work was done.

I have also been wondering about the reasoning behind this way of tracking jobs. This could possibly be used to pull up the clients information to quickly print the bill after the job is done if they have a database set up for that. Just an Idea. If nothing else it looks cool, expensive but cool!

This sounds fancy and everything, but simply scanning in doesn’t sounds like that great an idea. It only makes fraudulent half-cleans much more possible.

3 years ago, I dabbled with using this same technology for a nation-wide Starbucks contract that we were bidding on.

For this to work to the clients advantage, you would have to give the barcode to the manager, not simply stick it on the window, and he would have to allow the scan, once the job was completed to their satisfaction.

Otherwise, no marketing advantage because no clear client advantage.

In fact, if this Vindo company was in my area, I would hammer on their system’s capacity for defrauding clients more easily, with this automation in place.

Looks like technology for the sake of technology, the way they are currently using it, but it could be better, if they looked at how to make it more client-side valuable.