Bar Keepers Friend

I’m new to the site and window cleaning industry. I was doing some researching on The Master Window Cleaners of America website and I seen a section in the Mentoring Program area under the Education Tab about hard water stain removal and Bar Keepers Friend was next to it along with other products. Could hard water stains be removed with Bar Keepers Friend? I thought I would ask because I definitely want to know what to use and want not to use on hard water stains. I have not started my business just yet but I’ve been practicing my technique, watching videos on youtube, reading, and I’ve started visiting different storefront properties and talking with the owners or managers; so, I’m getting there.

BJ Ashley

Yes, Bar Keepers Friend can be used for some hard water stains. cleansers with grit can be used on glass, and they can scratch glass. There are a myriad of products you can use for water stains.

Remember, not all windows are made of glass…let alone the same type of glass. Not all stains are the same. The water in Florida is different PPM solids then in Canada, Kansas or Wyoming.

I have 4 different products I carry to use on different types and severity of stains ranging from simple cleaners to toxic materials like 550. Study, study and study the different products out there and pick the ones that work the best for you. What works for me might be too much for what you need and then you are repairing/replacing windows and frames