Basic Straight Pulls (pole work) Window Cleaning


Good work and good video. It is technically not straight pulls though. That’s what I call the figure 7 method. Straight pulls would pull straight down from the frame and feather each pull. Either way it’s still a great demonstration of the figure 7 method. I generally cut left at the top before cutting right so when you feather your last pull it helps to eliminate runs.


Straight pulls are underestimated I think.
Many times the Wagtail is less efficiently then this technique.
Sometimes I have been thinking “Wait why do I Wagtail this windows instead of straight pulls? Do I just wanna look cooler? :grinning:

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I couldn’t agree more. Over the last several years I have begun to use straight pulls more and more vs fanning. Not only does it tend to be quicker over all for commercial, it also requires less movement over all which reduces fatigue over time. Also if you learn to properly feather the edge you can do straight pulls with no detailing needed. Win win!

Don’t get me wrong fanning has its place and is sometimes more effective than straight pulls but it is highly over rated and straight pulls tends to be looked at like the used step child of the rookie window cleaner. Not so!


Could you explain how to properly feather or know of a video that actually shows it clearly? I’ve been trying to learn this and just can’t quite get it down, but i also don’t know how to practice it. In every video the concept is just briefly mentioned without ever explaining how to do it right and how to avoid doing it wrong.

I have been thinking about making a video on it. I’ll try to make one. It’s necessary to explain the details of what is happening so it’s much easier to show it than explain it on paper.


Couldn’t had said better mate! Fully agree :+1:

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Would love that!

Your best video, yet.
Because you gave a reason for things you do…

I. Have a thing with my guys, I’ll give 3 reasons for every one they provide, when it comes to a technique, process, etc…

Just need to get a sponge in your hand and run you with some real ladder monkeys! And you-are-there!

Come to Detroit, man… I’d love to run with ya! :slight_smile:

Great stuff-we dont fan too often here but i always advocate tipping the squeegee in the direction that you are working to drain excess water off-tap for final pull or after finishing the window. Straight pulls so efficient and time saving even for ground level work on plates -especially doors!

Hey, how is the video going? I am also trying to master straight pulls but my feathering isn’t that great yet, and i dont know how to practice it. Would love to see a video on that topic