Battery Chainsaws?

Anyone gotten into battery chainsaws?
Grew up on two strokes, but took eight 12"-14" trees down with a buddies Ryobi; actually worked real well. Hard to beat the quiet, instant on, and lack of cleanup.

Curious if anyone has tried the Makita version? (That’s the platform I’m invested in.)

I am also invested in Makita for most of my tools but I went EGO for the garden variety. It does add a bit more cost with the additional batteries but I felt their line was much better. I have the chainsaw and it has worked fantastic over the last 5+ years.

Bought an Ego blower love it.

I’m a Ryobi purist when it comes to battery operated stuff, but from what my brother says his battery chainsaw just doesn’t have the gumption to get through a lot of stuff.

He’s currently borrowing my Ryobi gas chainsaw lol

I’ve been looking at the Ego, Atlas, and Greenworks. I haven’t made my mind yet so definitely post your experiences!

I want to start with a mower and trimmer but those chainsaws would come in handy for yard work as well…

I have the Ryobi, both the 14" 40v and the 10" 18v. I like them both. I like all my tools sharing the same batteries

Picked up the 36V 16" Makita - aprx 8 hours in hand; experiencing 1 hour on a charge, that’s brushing a property, cutting a few 12" softwood trees out, limbing, etc. each hour.
Good buy so far.