BBB Good or Bad?

I have been contacted by the BBB wanting me to join. Is anyone a part of the BBB and if so what is the benefit that has come from it? Has it increased your business or profits?

I’m a member, and I have gotton business from being a member as well. They put you in their phone book as part of the membership. Its getting pretty expensive tho. Personally, I like it because they have a grading system that helps with a potential client to make a decision based on your grade, or how many complaints etc…that you have against your company. There is one window cleaning company that has had 4 complaints…anyhow, you go past a grade of C and they kick you out. Plus, its a .org link to your site as well.
I actually may not renew this year. We’ll see. Its 350 bucks for me to do that, so I am actually going over stats to see if in terms of money if I can track how much it made for me.

I’d be interested inhearing what you discover as right now I’m not sure if I will join.

The BBB contacted me today to see if i wanted to be a member. I found this older post. Does anyone else have an opinion? Its $445 to join and then $370 a year. They show that they get 400 requests a year from the area chapter I live in for window cleaning. There is at least 1 unethical cleaner in my area. I think it will be a good thing to join.

I am a member. Like the others said its not cheap. They do seo work too if you join. I personally am proud to be a part of it. When I tell customers that I am part of it it seems to put them at ease a little. I think it gives you an edge over your competition. My rating is A-. That’s what its been since it started. I like it & use it to my full advantage

Sounds unbelievable.

This is what was listed on the email sent to me. I’m not sure how I can verify. Either way, I think many people seem to be put at ease when you are a member. It’s gives them a way to do something about poor service or dishonest businesses. It’s gives the feeling they are getting value for their dollar.

Personally my experience with the BBB has not been that great. I’ve been a member since 2009 and to this day I still dont come up when you search for a window cleaner or any of my services for that matter. I have called and asked to be updated they say it will be taken care of but nothing has happen yet. I got a call a few days ago claiming that 128 “customers” last month alone searched BBB inquiring about my business so I asked them to send me a report or something that I could look at telling me what they where looking for and most importantly to see if I could figure out why non of them ever called they told me that they cant make that information available to me.

On the flip side customers seem to like knowing that we are accredited and thats why I have kept them. As a small business owner I think that it is important to be a part of any organization that helps you build credibility, and as long as you are doing a good job you wont get any complaints and thats something to be proud off.

As a business decision, it’s all about ROI, right?

Can you measure what $400 per year returns?

Is your $400 worth more invested elsewhere?

As usual Larry, you the voice of reason. Cant really see the ROI. And yes $400 in mailers or something would be better spent.

I personally think the BB is akin to Angie’s list…

You’ll never find any compliments there, only gripes.

I read somewhere that they give non-paying businesses lower grades than paying businesses, as in the case of WalMart and Microsoft.

I cant find the exact article I read, but here’s a similar-sounding scenario…

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But then again, if you don’t join you might be shooting yourself in the foot. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

When they called me, they said it was invatation only. Not just anyone can become accredited. Again this is what I was told. Why they called me. When I asked them “why me”? I was told because I am in the powerwashing business the liability issue is a huge factor. Customers need to know they are dealing with a reputable business & not just some guy with a powerwasher. It is not cheap. Ithink when I renew it will be between 3 to 4 hundred $. I think it is worth it considering you are putting a potential customer at ease. I also put the logo on all my advertising. I like It. I also feel like I have an edge over the compatition.

They call me yearly…and invite me to pay them $400.

They call us all the time, I think Ill pass and try to maintain our good name. I think there are like 80 window cleaning companies in town on there lol

At this time, early in the season, money is a big issue and I have quite a bit invested in other advertising. That money could do so much more right now. I’m not taking off the table and it may be something I will re-consider later when money is not as much of an issue, but there are so many tools I want and need. I’m waiting for now.

They told me that you apply and they do a check to see if you are legit, if you are being truthful in your advertisements, etc. But I think if you pay the money, you will be accepted.

Just got called by the BBB. They said the same thing about checking out my legitimacy, to see if I qualify. I told them I wanted to “investigate them” and think about it before I hand over $499, but that they were welcome to do their background check in the meantime. Suddenly the lady was able to tell me “it looks like you qualify”. I think you’re right Phil, “if you pay the money, you will be accepted.”

wow that is cheap. They quoted me something like $900-1100 back in 2003 when i started. I did it for a year, and no one cared, i got no calls about it, and no one seemed to notice i was in their books in good standing etc so i did not do it again.

I believe it’s not worth it. It my 3 years of owning my business I have had only one customer ask me about it. I told no I’m not a member, but to reassure you I can provide referrals and I won’t take a penny til your 100% satisfied. We wash her windows twice a year now.

No I fully understand it but it seems to me you pay 400 bucks and start out with a A+ rating. Kind of expensive for one review.

Personally, I think BBB is a scam - just pay their $500+ a year an respond to complaints and you’re good.

But…I did just land a $250 job off it today because of the person’s explicit interest in finding a “reputable” company because they paid monkeys for some bananas to work in their home last time.

Also, I imagine it’s a good subliminal message to the customer when we’re registered with BBB.