BBB - should I join it?

I got a call today from my local BBB, trying to convince me to sign up with the BBB. For a small company like me it would cost about $360 dollars. He said it gave the benefit of showing that I’m a reputable company with a good reputation, and I would get more calls from those who choose contractors thru the BBB, also using the logo would have the benefit of allaying customers fears, and getting good jobs.

Should I join the BBB? Is it worth the money? What are your experiences with them, in the area you work in? Any experiences or stories would be appreciated.

Personally, my feeling now, is to pass on it.

BTW, I read the thread on

and on WCR so if you have any new things to add, or if you haven’t participated in the last two discussions, tell me about the bbb.

why not? I just signed up for it…it’s free, so why not?
Plus you get a cool flame thing! wow! I’ve always wanted one of those flame things!

I would say pass. They are becoming less and less relevant.

Think about it this way… Lets say you are going to have a service provider into your home… Are you actually looking for that BBB Logo? I mean there is no criteria to join… Its just here ya go pay up and that’s it.

But thats just my opinion maybe a BBB member can chime in.

it’s not free??? I signed up and all that jazz, no cost.

If you want something that makes people believe you are community minded I say join the chamber of commerce.

Why not join and BECOME community-minded?

Yeah what Larry said!:wink:

I say pass on it, stay away…

I’ve been a member of the BBB since the year 2000, I think. I do get maybe 3 or 4 residential jobs a year from it. I also get a few commercial building calls a year but I don’t do commercial work anymore. Enough calls to pay for the membership. This year however, I am not renewing my membership. Less is more is my motto this year, and I feel I can get a better return on investment spending elsewhere like website and direct mailings.

I may reconsider joining again in the future if I feel I made a mistake or I have more money to spend on advertising in the future.

It may also be one of those things where the more involved you are the better you will do. It’s also possible area to area makes the difference.

I know they just updated their logo and I thought I heard talk of them doing job leads, but I’m not sure about that.

You may want to try it for a year and see, if you can afford it. Maybe just go in and don’t expect much though, so you won’t be disappointed if no jobs develop from it.

Let us know what you decide.

I mean, do I dare ask why?

Use that money to drink or go to the iwca 2009…

I separate my business funds from personal funds. And I already put money aside for the conventions each year. I think I’ll spend “that” money on my website. It’s all I need with the proper SEO, right?

Yes sir,

I can help you with your website if you would like, I do know seo

what is your URL and phone number???

Mike: They are also commonly guilty of falsely presenting the facts, in my estimation…they love to say something like this when they call:

[INDENT]“Hi there, ______ here from the BBB calling. We’ve recently had some inquiries from clients interested in doing business with you, and wanted to let you know that we can help you make a great impression on these valuable prospects! Please call me back at …”[/INDENT]

It’s a line, and a way of manipulating you to give them your $$. Don’t fall for it. When they called me 10 days ago, I called back and politely asked them never to call me again, given the smack they were throwing my way. I also happen to agree that its no longer nearly as relevant these days in the minds of our consumers.

I would say don’t do it. I turned down the last offer from the local BBB chapter and the salesman just nearly cried. Their pitch wasn’t that good. Basically all they were offering me for $750 was : a listing in their records, a listing on their website, the use of the symbol, and free support when needed. I had to pay them, follow all of their rules about use of their name and symbol, and they wanted me to give them all the money up front. I said no thanks. I am glad I did. And BTW, they did just as Kevin said: “We’ve had some inquiries about your business…”…blah…blah…blah…If they had inquiries, why didn’t they pass along the names and numbers so a legitimate business owner could call them.

I am in a slow process of revamping the way I do things and how I present my company. When I get to the website and SEO I will for sure want to hear what you have to say. Thanks for the offer.


Have you talked with anyone that IS or has been a member of the BBB? All the negative comments I have read on this and other forums seem to come from people that are not even members, and I’m not sure ever have been. I am not saying join, I am not saying the BBB is great, I am saying maybe you should investigate further from people who are members to see what their opinions are.

I know I’m just a nobody and don’t have the reputation of some others on this forum, but I would at least investigate further and not just take the word from folks that have never been members. I am not saying you are taking their word, but I haven’t seen any responses from people that are members, except me.

Whether it’s the BBB or anything else you are looking to get into, I would always want to talk to the people who have done it and experienced it.

As I said before I am not renewing my membership to the BBB this year, not because it doesn’t work for me, but because I think I can get a better ROI from other forms of advertising.

I’m open to all opinions. So people who are members please pipe in.

You’re totally right, seth, just my opinion…

I’ve been victim to the sales tactics that Kevin describes and it just rubs me the wrong way for a “business advocate” to be trying to deceive me. Not someone I want to enter any business relationship with.

I realize the BBB is no longer a government entity, so funding has to come from somewhere, but I have a real problem with having to pay for a referral… especially on the front end. Why does my payment automatically make me a reputable company? I think their business premise is off.