Be a Diamond Clear Window Cleaner!


Hey Henry - are there any wipe on window cleaning products using polycrystalline diamond particles in there mix at the moment?[B][COLOR=blue]

Hi Karl,

That is a fantastic question! There is a company out there called Diamon Fusion which I believed had exactly that. But not. Obviously their name could easily lead someone to believe it. When I looked at their patent all I seen was silicon based compounds. But driven by the question I carried on. And spent much time researching.

If you look up functionalized diamond nano particles you will pull up info. But the method of application is not “wipe on”. It is much more high tech. Like magnetically sputtered depositions. Or electron beam depositions. If you would like I would love to do some more digging and put together an article for your blog on this technology. It is out there. Thin film diamond coatings on glass optics. One day on windows too?



Do you recommend any commercial sealants currently on the market? I have looked into Diamond Fusion and Diamond Seal but its difficult for me to sift through the information because my knowledge on the subject is limited. I am currently looking for a solution for a 45 story project of mine that has ongoing water stain issues.

Look into unelko they have a really good sealer called invisible shield. I used to use 3 star but this stuff is really awesome.

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From what I know from their MSDS Diamon-Fusion does not use a diamond coating. It does appear from their pricing that Diamond Seal might. I would ask them. If they do they will say absolutely. If not they will be elusive. I have not been able to find anything on the net about a wet deposition of functionalized diamond nano-particles on window glass. But hey. I’ve been shocked out of my socks before!

Yes Unelko has a great product. There are others out there that are great too. Bottom line is you absolutely must do a side by side test on the same window over the same time with all of the products in question. Make a grid and set up an experiment. This is the ONLY way you will know. And you will know. Then too you will be able to sell with absolute confidence. Maybe set up multiple grids and go one month, three months, six months, and a year.

I do have knowledge as I have done some tests. Send me a private email at and we will talk about it.


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Thanks Henry, I’ll shoot you an email.

hey did you ever settle on a sealer. I have similar project that i would like to seal. I have looked into 3 star, unelko and protect-on from abc, as well as mr hardwater’s sealer. I need something that will last a year long if possible.

I have used all three.

Started with 3-star & abc protect-on (for me ext would last 1-4 months & it goes on in solution then squeegee off which was quick…sometimes though if I left any mark it grabbed lint like crazy after)

Invisible shield was next and took longer to apply (towel application, dwell time, then buff off…ext lasted 3-6 months)

Finally and what I use now is Mr. Hardwater sealer. (Apply with foam, 3 min or so dwell time (I do multiple panes), then wet, squeegee, and wipe window down edges & then middle with tight nit microfiber for light haze). Ext lasts me in sun & or hard water repeatedly hitting it (6-12 months) & always in shade it can last 2 plus years. It has been a tremendous addon & solution for my business. I just heard about Enduroshield from this forum which I will be trying. It was said to last 5 years or more. But as of now my go to is Mr. Hard Water and my clients love it! After I show them a sealed window vs non & explain the benefits, most want it. I mainly offer it to my residential clients because it is a hydrophobic sealer so follow up trad cleanings will not be as smooth as hydrophilic glass. And most always comment on how much cleaner their windows stayed during the quarter. Big thanks to Jeff Flint! I did exactly what Henry suggested though and did tests over 3 years of many different sealants to find one that I could trust would last 1 year. Funny story about how I figured out that Envicoat (now Mr. Hard Water Sealer - I liked previous name better) could last a full year on ext glass which I may tell later.

Thanks to everyone who has shared some free info on the forum about something that took them years to figure out & then with your knowledge you helped me. I have really appreciated all the waterfed info & because of what Ive been reading about it, I will probably be adding soft washing at some point. So hopefully my years of testing these sealant products can help someone else save time, learn, & add value to their service.


I ended up using he Unelko stuff on that project. It lasted maybe 4 months. It looks like the 3star has rebranded some really nice stuff I just haven’t tried it out yet.