Be the King of Bad Glass with Bio-Solvents

The purpose of this latest article in the Glass Smart Products blog is to introduce the Window Cleaning Industry to an entire line of green chemicals known as Bio-Solvents. When you can’t use razor blades or even 0000 steel wool these custom products can give you the edge over your competition. All products and sourcing info is listed.



Great articles in the link!

Thankyou! The products listed in these articles will lift the window cleaning industry to a much higher level.



How differently does Limonene perform from Bio-Clean? Bio-Clean is a relatively safe, ph neutral cleaner that gives some great extra cleaning power. It is forgiving on measurements to water and unless used on a polishing pad, totally glass and metal safe. Bio clean is our go to for extra dirty or slightly stained glass. Thanks for the post. 

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Hi Jarod,

The most recent MSDS for this product shows that it is based on three
organic acids, glycoloc, oxalic, and citric. Along with nonyl phenol poe
9. Which is probably used here as an emulsifier. This chem is rated as a
breast cancer causing agent. Of course it is used a lot in many products.
There was no mention of any silica in the product so there should be no
abrasive action. The organic acids are not mineral acids so they cannot
etch glass like hydrofluoric, or sulfuric. The short of it;…should work
OK sometimes. Especially when the stains are not based on silicates.

I have a friend that mixed this product with another that had a somewhat
crude silica abrasive. He said that really worked good. I am more
interested in developing custom products that are much more pure,
effective, safe, and cost less. Also specific.

Just my take.


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Oh yeah. Regarding D-Limonene. This is an Essential Oil, a terpene. It comes from the rind of citrus fruits. My post in the Glass Smart blog focused on Bio-Solvents. Your product Bio-Clean is based on organic acids not organic solvents. This is a totally different chemistry. Hope I got your question right.


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Definitely like where this is going Henry. I requested a sample of Elevance Clean 1000 and looking forward to using it on a restaurant I did this morning. I was jammin along real good with my GG4 & GG Glide, until I hit the greasy film on the insides… back to Dawn…

I’d love to use a soap that isn’t Dawn, cuts light grease, and has slip (or I could add slip to it).

Then you will really like the coated Blue Devils. They will allow us to use milder soaps and still cut through light grease. They go over any wetting sleeve.