Been a while coming but finally it's here!

And it wasn’t a while because of the guys over at glassrenu. I ordered it Friday afternoon and it was delivered at noon today. I bought an old storm window to practice on for a while on @wcs 's advice and then it’s off to the races. Can’t wait.

Get that practice time in Will, learn all you can.

Good luck!

Oh …congrats on the new tool, i love new things!! :wink:

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Results are encouraging so far. When I bought this storm to practice on, I took it home and cleaned it. This stain appeared. Hard water I’m guessing?

With just the felt pad. After buffing with a couple applications of the cerium oxide solution, this is what I finished with.

Obviously the glass isn’t perfectly clean but I plan on gouging it with some graffiti next.

Congratulations on getting a new skill and service. I am interested in the service too but am starting to think that it will be hard for my back to work for an hour or more with small controlled motions vs the full body movements in my other tasks.

Uh yeah, I’ve been practicing for an hour or two now and my lower back is feeling it a little. I’m thinking about one of those rolling mechanics chairs already.

Lowers are gonna kill. Maybe an adjustable stool for the others.

So how’s the practicing coming along…

Let me know if you need any examples of gangsta tagz to scratch, yo! Congrats on the new toy. That is something I’ve been considering as well. I see the handy work of punks all over the place.

Pretty well. I’ve been busy cleaning glass (residential this time) so it’s slower than I’d like.

Taking close up pics of glass it’s harder than it looks.

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Yup!.. Keep at it brother looking good!

I’m satisfied with the results since I only used 3 inch pads. I’m saving the 5 inch for actual jobs. Once I get the cerium oxide on the glass, it seems to be more effective once it’s tacky instead of skim milk consistency the directions mention. Any experience with that? My buffer slowest speed is 1500 rpm too though. Skim milk consistency stuff gets slung everywhere.

Ok with the three inch pad your going to have more condensed heating of the glass becareful, heat distorts glass or paint for that matter. In regard to the sling of the slurry use a little less and work it around a bit then slowly app up to speed.

Hope that help!

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I’ve been practicing and practicing with this system now. I’m getting way better at it.

I made this demo for sales. I want to be able to show the steps to a customer. I also tried buffing out the light scratches in my passenger door with just the cerium slurry. It works awesome! A whole other market.


Looking good man,keep it up soon you will feel brave enough to go actually make some money with.

I think I’m ready. I’ll just pick and choose the jobs for now. Near the sides is a little tough to control still.

Keep us updated on how it goes.

Good luck.