Bees, wasps, hornents and other stinging insects

Just a reminder to everyone to carry around a bottle of bug spray. I took ours out of the vehicles last week and one of my guys got stung today…well, right after me.

A red wasp had just nailed my in the hand, and one of my team members comes over to check it out. I was telling him that "Dude, you don’t want to get hit my one of those things; I’ve never felt anything so painful before. ", then as if on cue…BAM!, Red Wasp - smack in the face! He screams “Arrrrrrgggh”…and the damn thing flew in!

Gonna leave the commotion out, but lets skip to the end. After first aid was applied (First Aid Applied - check breathing, apply wet tobacco to assist with drawing poison and apply cold compress. Not sure what your suppose to do but its what I did)

result was a sting to the lower lip. It swoll up like it belonged to Fat Albert! Never seen anythign like that.

This is what got him. (Not my pic, but similar situation)

So, keep wasp spray about. We were not very close but we got hit anyways. It could have gone a lot worse for us.

There is wasp spray in all the trucks and vans. A couple of the guys react really badly. One guy got stung in his back and his back swelled and worked around to his abdomen area. It was like it was filled with jelly. He had to get some sort of shots to calm his system down. Another guy got stung on his stomach and it swelled to the size of a grapefruit and hard as one. He only got stung once. If you are allergic it is no small thing. I don’t how many times I have nearly put my head in a nest. I have gotten lucky far more times than I dare count.

I have been stung 4 times this year. More than in my whole life. I carry a can of spray in my truck but it’s usually not close enough when I need it. I’ve been thinking of getter a spray bottle holder for my belt to carry the wasp spray.

result was a sting to the lower lip. It swoll up like it belonged to Fat Albert! Never seen anythign like that.

[B]That would be Mushmouth.

[/B]Mushmouth - The AnimeLand Wiki

I think it it would sound something like this, " Obba spits aba waspa justa stunnga myba wiipa Fata Albert"

I will freely admit that when I see bee’s, I run and scream like a little girl!

I stepped onto a nest in some shrubs a while back… 7 stings across my face and neck, and about 10 down my right arm.
Went to a movie the next day (“Seven” w/Morgan Freeman) thinking nobody would see me since it was dark.

  • I didn’t think about exiting the theater. :o People looked at me like I was the Elephant Man (which I pretty much was.)

I have been stung 10 times by yellowjackets this year. Only stung 3 times in the previous 9 years. I got nailed with 6 stings last week.

Crap, I must be way overdue- I haven’t been stung by any flying thing since before I started my business 10 years ago, and only have had one employee stung once in the same amount of time. Perhaps there’s just lots less bees and wasps in Arizona than where you all live. :slight_smile:

The bees, mosquitos and spiders have been absolutely relentless this year. I haven’t gotten stung by a bee yet, but I can count 11 bug bites on my left arm alone (right now), countless bites on my ankles and had my fourth (YES FOURTH!) brown recluse bite this past spring which is just now clearing up.

Needless to say, if the first hard freeze came tomorrow, I would not complain one bit

No flying thing can survive the heat of Arizona…, lol

Ive removed at least 15 or 20 wasp’s nests from just my house this year. They set up a nest under the seat of my lawn tractor. That was scary when I sat down and started it up. I was swarmed by them. I cannot believe I was only stung once on that incident. I did the run and scream like a girl deal that time. My grand daughter was watching and laughed herself to tears… lol.

summat bit me on the temple a week ago and its still swollen same as the first day now. hurts too

dang …be careful out there fella’s…thatnks for the headz up