Beginning stages of opening a window cleaning business

Hey everyone,

Some of you might remember being at my “stage of the game” but I am thinking about starting a window cleaning “side business” to help make ends meet. I have literally been driving myself crazy over what to buy. Watching a million you tube vids and visiting several supply company websites the last few weeks. I was going to purchase the 18" Wagtail Combi but came across the “liquidator” squeegee video but have not seen this for sale yet. Does anyone know if this is on the market yet? Also, any direction as to brands, styles, for all pieces of equipment to buy would be fantastic. Here is my short list up to now, Ettore Bucket 85000, Lid, Sieve, Ettore contour Pro+ handle, Ettore Pro Plus poles, T-Bar 10", Wag. Erk. Pole tip, 5" scraper, blades, Towels (what are recomended - micro, scrim, etc?), BOAB, screen brush, track brush, 6" sleeve and T (The Babe).

Not sure if I get the wagtail can I get different size channels for that and buy the additional pads and clips or do I have to buy multiple handles? I am primarily going to focus on commercial for now to get some practice.


Thank you!!!

Everyone has thier own style and favourite tools, my favourite especially for commercial is the wagtail, as you can do just about everything you need to with a 10" 14" and 18" squidgee, a pole and an angle arm, remember to 45 and dogear the channels before using and modify the pads as in the photo. Simply put the blue disc (slimline) is better for residential as it fits behind door handles and blinds etc better, and the yellow disc one is better for commercial as it has a much deeper closing out ability especially when you mod the pad as shown and swing it from the top flange as shown. The angle arm is used in 2 different positions, angled back for head height and lower and angle forward for above the head. Remember to put a slit in your boab to house the disc, this will prevent the blade from rubbing on the plastic edge,. Hope this helps and good luck

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Hey Guesty,
Thanks for the info…it all helps. One more question, do I need to buy a wagtail pc handle for each different size channel? I know the standard QR handles you can swap out blades quickly but I haven’t seen anything that would lend me to believe this can be done with the wag. Also, there are different type channels for the wag as well depending on how you want the pad to operate…right? So…how many wag pc handles do I need and what channels should I buy.
Thanks…hope I’m not being a pain!!

Well like was said everyone has their own style. I’ve been in the biz for 7 years and I hear of what some people do or use and I think its stupid. Or pointless. Not trying to talk down some people but you need to find what works for you and your budget. People like different things. They have different ideas and needs. I like using a unger ninja handle with a sorrbo channel (dogeared). Unger washer. The liquidator should be here in a monthish ? I’m guessing.

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Thanks chuckamiester,

Have you ever tried the Wag?
What is your preference in rags?
Do you do both commercial and resi?
What size squeegees should I buy?


To be honest I’ve never used a wagtail. I know how it would work. I work for a family company, we pretty much do everything Here. We have prob about 100 route jobs and houses year round. So we are always busy. Where I work they have stuck with what works for them like I said. We just use 100 cotton towels. I haven’t looked much into other towels but I will. As far a squeegee sizes. I use an 18in a 9in and a 6. I think that’s a good regular start . Again it depends on what your doing. I s curve a lot. But only on route. On houses I don’t. So I really don’t need a wagtail. I think the flipper would be cool for using a pole in the sun. But I could just as fast and easily straight pole wash and squege with my reg washer and squeegee.

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Last question - promise. Are you switching the attachments (washer 1st then squeegee) on one pole or using two different poles when washing with the pole?

Unless I’m cleaning the outside of McDonald’s play place using a 4 stage pole I just use one.

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Hi, [MENTION=38995]dpando33[/MENTION].
If you are interested in just getting a basic start and will be concentrating on commercial you won’t really need a ton of supplies, but getting a starter kit from the store here Window Cleaning Kits - Starter, Professional and Homeowner , would not be a bad thing.
I would suggest a telescoping pole from the 8’ -15’ range to start. 2 scrubber sizes would be good, perhaps 18" and 6" or 10". I’d suggest with the larger size getting a swivel t-bar. As far as squeegees, only a few sizes are truly essential for basics ranging from 20" or perhaps longer down to 6" or 8". I would encourage you to have at least one quick-release handle. A swivel handle for further versatility wouldn’t be a bad thing. You just need to make sure the handles and channels are compatible. There a wide body and normal body options for both tools.
Huck towels, also found in the WCR store are great for final detailing and scrim cloths are as well. Many use them or cotton or microfiber towels for wiping up sills and other necessary dirtier aspects.

I encourage you to get at least a few more thoughts from the forum here and then go for it! Best to you.

What I’m using this second.

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Ask any q. I’ll try to help if I can. I got an easy day today.

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Here you go:

Getting Started?

Work Belt Setup

Hi dpando33 yes unfortunately you do need to buy the whole set up for each different size, thou you can swap out different size channels with the blue one (slimline) but like I said if you are doing comercial and using the wagtail with the pad, which I recommend by the way, which will save yourself a ton of time, then go with the yellow disc. But please do yourself a favour and add the extra Velcro to the pad and do the cutout like in the photo. Here in Perth Oz I find i really only use 3 main sizes and so I don’t need to keep channels in 1" increments, it sounds like it’s way different over there in the US with glass sizes. As with the pads 1 pad fits all the styles it either swings underneath when using head height and below or over the top when above your head. When using it on a pole always use the angle arm adapter, above the head angle it forward with pad swinging over the top and using down strokes, and angled back when using at body height, with angle arm on there is no need to remove squidgee from pole from top of glass right down to the ground, get yourself an 18" yellow disc with pad and blue clips and practice, good luck

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