Being booked out

How far ahead do you book yourself out? 2-4 weeks? 4-6? As long as people are willing to book?

I’m just about booking into July and everyone wants it done sooner. I’m getting tired of it. A friend of my old boss wants her house washed next week. Someone else wants it done sooner, yada yada.

I mean I’m just supposed to book them into July if I can’t get it done sooner right? I almost want to say on the phone right off the bat that we are scheduling into July but afraid if I say that, they won’t book.

I don’t wanna make someone else’s problem my own.

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Our next available date is currently Monday, August 12th. If this year keeps up we’ll be sold out for the year by Labor Day ;p

Keep booking and booking and booking. They want it done next week? Should’ve called in March. It is in no way your fault if you are an in demand business and booked out super far. You can always tell them “I can put you on a wait list and call if someone cancels”, but that’s about all you can do.

P.S. - Times like these are a good time to consider raising your prices. Scarcity = desire.


You will lose some people who don’t want to wait. Even customers who have been with yo for years, “oops I forgot to schedule”. That’s normal. We are booked out about a month right now. It use to be 6-7 weeks this time of year but I bought a second truck this year and my son-in - law and I work separately which is proving to be more efficient. I try to fit people in as soon as possible but I won’t wreck my body to do it. 6-7 hours a day is enough.


I also agonize every year about making people wait. I’ll literally stare at my schedule for 30 minutes trying to figure it out. My family yells at me every year as well that people will just have to wait. I have already come to the point where I’m simply telling people right off that I’m booked well into July. I probably won’t be doing a $1036 job based on pictures sent to me yesterday, since they want it in June. But I’m finding that most people will wait and hopefully make the next appointment way ahead of time.


I have four people working in two vans and we are booked out about two and a half weeks right now, I’ve turned off all my advertising and I’ve raised my prices on new customers. All you can do is what you can do, don’t burn yourself out.


Lots of good points. I’m now booking into July and won’t fret. Previous customers and referrals are always willing to wait.

Today is the obligatory “35 new leads and everyone wants it before Memorial Day” day. I just clocked out, see y’all on Wednesday lol.

I unfortunately have to clock in tomorrow for a deck wash that could’ve been done on Tuesday. I pulled up on Tuesday and the road was getting repaved. The homeowner was given 1 days heads up for that. Also makes it worse that I already got paid and they’ll be down the shore for the weekend :confused:

“Down the shore” haven’t heard that in decades since moving from NJ to Arizona.

Yes…most people will wait…

Sounds like someone hurt you lol

My situation/business is on an island and not enough window cleaners…
I’m 99% residential as there really isn’t much on the commercial end! I do 4-5 storefronts is all, monthly in the spring/summer/fall, and I take winter off. (4 months). I’m fortunate this works for what I need.

I rebook to next year, after cleaning them this year. My entire schedule for next year is booked as I go. I just copy the job from this year to next year on the same day. There will be some shuffling as I confirm it a month or two ahead next year. The most stress for me is unknowingly missing someone! I’m pretty grateful, having started this solo biz 4 years ago and unless someone sells a house/moves or has health issues, everything is rebooked.
New customers that fill in the openings are given higher estimates as it’s a supply/demand incentive here. Also - it seems I’m one of the few who returns calls or rebooks here. Strange situation. I keep a waitlist. And people usually wait!

Side Note, I sure gain insight from those of you with so much more experience on here, and your generosity with advice.


September 12th is my next availability,
That’s a record. Last one set at 2.5 months in 2014.
Just keep cramming them in. Things are gonna get weird around election time.


One thing that annoys me is when people say “I will let you know,” or “I will get back to you,” when picking a date for the work. Sometimes you don’t hear from them for a few days, or sometimes at all. They are ready to schedule and then say I’ll get back to you when you pick a date.

I might start saying I can hold that date for up to 24 hours, after that I can’t guarantee it.

We get that all the time. We hold the date until the end of business that day.


Looks like it’s going to be in the 90s next week. Hopefully we can survive :crossed_fingers:

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