Belay Glasses - Y&Y Vertical

We had the privilege of trying out and reviewing some belay glasses. We’ve used several kinds from a few companies but we love how Y&Y Vertical offer different types for different users preferences. They are made with good quality materials so they should hold up. The clip-on versions are sweet!


Very nice. But everytime I see Y&Y I read it as Y&T and "black tiger"starts playing in my head.

I purchased a few pairs of these, worked great for neck strain but trying to walk around was dangerous.

Solved one issue, created another for me.

See up fine just not straight ahead or ground well.

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Weird. What company are they from? I’ve seen some that completely block your peripheral vision. This is very dangerous and a horrible and careless design flaw.

The models that we use have zero material blocking your forward and below vision. I might recommend finding another pair.

i want a pair for this season. the neck/shoulder strain of wfp all day is a serious issue.

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Totally hear you. I’m not sure why pole makers don’t include a pair of belay glasses with each pole purchase. It just makes too much sense I guess.


The 2 pairs I have were from Reach It pole I purchased.

Wasn’t for me, my employees laughed as they tried them.

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Man that makes so much sense. Somewhere in a thread I called Perry out about his horrible cheaply designed belay glasses saying they were going to block the user’s view! Not surprised he’s nowhere to be found.

You’ll seriously have to purchase a different pair.

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The expense of the glasses will be far less than a workmanship comp claim down the road. I can tell you after all my years of WFP I have major neck issues. I have to use a neck pillow all the time and sleep in a zero gravity or Lazy Boy chair with neck pillow on my back. This should be taken seriously because it is a repetitive motion injury. IMO


Thanks for posting this. Which of the first two do you think are more durable? Do you prefer one over the others?

Thanks again,

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Sorry to hear that John. Thanks for sharing the information though, maybe it will help others not suffer the same results.


Sure wish I had those when I was starting out.


Ive been meaning to thank you for an older post/thread several years ago about the belay glasses (Im pretty sure it was you who suggested them 1st). I had done plenty of research over the years on wfp but never had a job to justify having one or using it for extended periods. (All my homes have hard water deposits each time i return and I only have a few 2nd story) so when my brother called me to help him with a large 3/4 story complex he bid on and got, then I knew this was a good opportunity to try out some belay glasses. After reading different reviews on Amazon I decided on some low profile ones and that was a good choice. Good visibility all around, and after 3 days I had no real neck or shoulder aches (other than normal light soreness from using muscles you might not use everyday) So thanks! And to anyone just starting in wfp I can highly recommend them (many of the reviews said some have trouble focusing when 1st using so ill put that disclaimer in there…didnt happen to me or my brother but not saying its not a possibility)

These were the ones I got which were $20 a few months ago.

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Thanks! And I’m happy to hear how that project went! It’s always fun working with your brother eh?! We keep each other motivated.


Hey Tony!

I think the Y&Y “PlasFun” version will last the longest of the two.

The strongest we’ve ever used are Belay Specs. They are quite a bit more expensive but offer a unibody design so there’s no moving parts.

It’s very important that you choose a pair that offers a clear peripheral view so that you can keep an eye on your feet, hoses, and your surroundings!

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Josh how do these compare to the belay glasses you recommended a year or so ago?
I have a pair of those and they have saved my neck and shoulders. Love the clip on version and look to get a pair of those.

Hi Jason!

Y&Y Vertical belay glasses are a solid product and are a pretty good price. However, they have hinges that will where out as all hinges do. The Clip-On version offers the best wide angle of any that we’ve tried. This is because the cut glass prism isn’t cut to a square 90 degrees but more like 110 degrees so that you have a wider angle of above viewing.

The strongest would be made by “Belay Specs” because the frame as well as the arms of the glasses are all bent from 1 single peace of metal. This makes them almost indestructible meaning that even if they bend, you can bend them back to the original shape. In almost every mechanism, the least amount of moving parts is best. This also proves true with Belay Specs.

DO NOT buy into the idea that cheaper is better. For example, these…

…are very dangerous and could create much more problems then a soar neck. They block your peripheral view and your view of the ground by your feet. They could very well lead to a serious misstep.

Josh thank you for the info. I do have a pair of the “Belay Spec” and they are great. Will be buying a pair of the Y&Y clip ons.

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after 35 year’s with WFP I’m just really a stiff neck person!

I appreciate finding this thread. I recently purchased belays from and they work so well. Very pleased and they were designed by someone who uses glasses so they fit very well over my frames.