Belay glasses?

My neck isn’t thrilled when using a WFP, anyone suggest a decent pair of belay glasses?

Also, my ladder levelers keep rusting, any suggestions to prevent that (besides keeping out of the rain)?


I use YY belay glasses. They work great and two years in they have no scratches or issues.

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Nice. Totally agree. As a sponsored user of YY Specs since 2017, I love their design.

Have a special place in my heart though for Belay Specs…

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If only I could cruise around Las Vegas like you do Montreal. That lloks like an area close to Nuns Island/St Henri? I live in La Salle and Longueuil for about a year.
When I’m using them people like to come by and ask about them and I have a back up that I have them try on and it’s like they’ve seen another world at first.

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Yup, my turf is downtown Mtl. Ya, totally dude… People step into another dimension when they try my belay glasses on :eyeglasses::flushed:

Gotta get equipped legit :100::facepunch:t3:

Actually, we just received a set of BelaySpecs yesterday! Totally love the feel, can use them with sunglasses and great peripheral view. Starting a 6 week WFP job in 2 weeks so these will be awesome for the neck!


6 weeks for one WFP job! you may need one of the contraptions that you wear like a backpack with a cable to help you through this run.

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Nah, it’s a multi-building complex with certain hours where work can be performed. Due to COVID last year, we didn’t have the hour limitations and completed it much sooner. My neck was so sore last year, the glasses do wonders now!

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To prevent the rust coming back after sanding I’d use Penetrol.

There is a product from Canada called “Corrosion Free: Rust Cure 3000”. It is commonly used to undercoat vehicles and I have heard it is used heavily by the Canadian military to keep their heavy equipment in good shape.

Anecdotally, I’ve used it under my 26-year-old truck and it does work as advertised. It’s like an oily gel that doesn’t drip. Soaks into the steel and turns it black. Light rust spots gradually disappear and heavy rust eventually flakes off with repeated application.

You can buy a pair of aerosol cans for around 30 bucks, or a gallon of conentrate for $60. Concentrate can be poured on a rag and wiped onto a surface, or used in an hvlp paint gun


Definitely wear o filters, ventilate and gloves for any of this!