Belay specs making me motion-sick

Well, almost. I don’t really get motion sickness in the traditional sense. But it’s a very unnerving sensation. Feel like I’m watching an early, poorly filmed youtube video with no camera stabilization.

Any suggestions?

On the upside, they do seem to be helping my neck.

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I couldn’t use them. I kept tripping over everything lol

Just look past them while you get set up at the window and then do not move your head while looking through them. (At least don’t move your head in the left-right plane)

Much easier said than done. Especially when doing large plates of glass that require walking the pole forward and back (I’ve always tried to use my legs more than my shoulders, anyway).

Do you find yourself looking at the specs a lot or looking past them? I use a different beads, a thinner profile frame that isn’t as noticeable and have no issues. Not everyone is the same, so there is that to factor in.

I’ve run into the same thing Alex! I hardly ever use mine anymore because it would feel nauseous after about 10 min. I thought it was just me! :rofl: