Best All Around Length Squeegee Handle

See that squeegees different length handles.
Also see that many people tend to have one sort of grip or another close to the squeegee blade, over the squeegee blade, light grip using two finger & thumb grip many more.
Generally speaking what length squeegee handle do you think is best when using by hand?
What do think is a good all around length (handle wise.)
In Your Opinion

Five inches maybe. The most important part to me is the first two closest to the channel.

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I was using the ninja and ledge-eze but now i prefer a shorter handle like the ergotec. Just ordered the unger pro and cant wait to try it. I think a lot depends on hand size and personal technique so there’s likely no one size fits all.

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Good point hand size personal technique.
So found when using your squeegee say up to say 14 inch squeegee channels you would be holding the handle more middle of the handle??
But when having longer squeegee channels tend to hold the handle closer or over the channel it self where possible.