Best Backpacks


i’m new to wfp, i’m wondering what’s required of a backpack, any tips?
I guess it always depends if there’s water on the job, and if there s remote access
How many gallons is needed? 1 gallon equals how many hours of work?

Any suggestions on models that you prefer?

thanks guys

The best sprayer by far is The Gardiner versio3 extra winds on motor for extended low speed . Led low batt level . Great on top handle and on /off
The shurflo propack is very good also but the off switch is on the bottom which is bad if you never use it as a backpack , which I dont
I use 25 gallons of pure on 3 houses about 4 hours run time both units will get you 14 hours per charge. I carry a spare batt for the shurflo as it has no indicator, so I m not out in the middle of the day.
With the Gardiner when it reaches red /recharge it will give you 2 more hours work
I bought the shurflo (2) on ebay for $ 188 but the price has gone up this was 3 years ago. They have worked flawless ly for 3 years. My Gardiner is new. I like it alot
Dollying a sprayer is the simplest and lowest cost method. Also you ll use 1/10 th the pure water vs hooking up to the customers water. And the customers water is frequently a problem, frozen couplings or bibs and a general pain. Better to bring your own tools
The low flow of the sprayer is a much better controlled rinse than hooking to the customers water which has to much pressure and can spot up your work due to overspray. Use a swiveling brush for straight to the glass at angle . This makes perfect work and low water use
The new constructor brush from reach it has a swivel available. Gardiner has been the only available swivel for many years

Hey Joshua!

Do you have the Gardiner Version 3 backpack? If yes, where’d you get it! I want to get my hands on one.

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Hey Pioneer!

Welcome! My small business has benefited greatly from using backpacks to water fed pole.

I’ve used the Surflo for over 4 years now. “It’s a solid piece of kit”. You will need to put it on a hand cart or dolly because it has no handles. As JoshuaG mentioned, the on/off a switch is located on the bottom and it’s a bit of a pain because it was designed to be worn on your back. It’s very powerful. I’ve cleaned 55’ with it with fan jets and it had more than enough power. I now use it to apply chemicals.

My present unit is the Gardiner Version 2 backpack. I love it. The battery lasts all day and then some. The variable speeds are very helpful. I also love that there’s hose clips built on to the tank so that the supply hose and quick connect stays off the ground. It’s easy to carry with the handle built into the lid.

As for volume of water needed. I can stretch 5 gallons pretty far. I did one condo, (pictured) 2nd & 3rd floor, front and back, with the 2 gallons that I had left at the end of the day. That’s probably the best I’ve done. 28 panes with 2 gallons. Plus, it had been over 2 years since they’d cleaned them.

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Wow that is impressive Joshua, what was your flow rate?

Don’t really know in numbers, sorry. I used the lowest setting on the the dial.

My method is keep flow on for the top frame scrub only. Then brush only for the entire window. 1-2 minutes drip time. Quick rinse. Finished

What do you mean you dont know the numbers man! :wink:

Happy to see you made it back from your journey abroad chasing family history! So are we talking to royality…:wink:

Nice. Lol I think the fact that I love cleaning windows so much proves that my ancestors were humble peasants.